Day 11 Fifteen Of Your Favourite Things

Day 11: Fifteen Of Your Favourite Things

Ok so I've got to tell you Just 15 of my favourite Things - This will be tricky & i will miss out something major!
Can a thing be my Husband & Children or is that a obvious thing also My Wedding Day & Both Births of my Babies- I'll leave it there...

1.  Coffee - my Guilty habit a Love of mine Black with no sugar or Costa & Starbucks Caramel Latte - Perfection.

2. Holidays in the Sun - as our Summer or lack of it in England is non existent I need hot weather- with my M.E it makes me feel 10X better.

Tunisia - Honeymoon
3. Fresh New Bedding - slightly addicted to buying new Duvet sets, Every few months.

4. Bugaboo Buggies, I've owned more than I can remember?

5. Taking Photos - I have over 3000 on my iPhone I really must delete them & start over again.

6. My iPhone, iPad & Mac Love Apple products.

7.  Twitter - perhaps an Addiction

8. My Pandora bracelet - put into 3 parts Emilyn part - Hugo part & Hubby part & My Mumma got it for my 21st Birthday so will all be special to me.

My pandora Bracelet - Anniversary charm from Hubby
9. Desperate Houswives I will be sad when its all over but have the box sets to re watch over & over again.

10. My Car - without it i would have no quality of life as we live in the middle of no where.

11. Blogging - its my escape from the real world.

12. Lipgloss

13. Baby Feet - I love even more now than I ever have done.
Hugos feet after casts

14. Having a Baby Bump - not so much being pregnant as i was in so much pain but I LOVE BUMPS!
Me on Christmas Day 38 weeks

15. UGG - Boots Sandals - perhaps another obsession I have 6 pairs & Emilyn has 3 pairs.


  1. New duvet sets monthly? I think that is an addiction!!! :)

  2. To my shock horror i seem to have a few addictions...! :o x

  3. haha i have an addictive personality too lol, but new bed sheets every month is a different 1. great great list :) xx

  4. I love the newness to bed sheets & the way it transforms your bedroom with such little money needing to be spent :) x

  5. Lol. I get a new toothbrush every day, so I can't really fault a new sheets every month. ;)

  6. A new toothbrush daily :o mmm actually that might be quite nice :) xxx



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