Day 5 10 Songs I love right now

10 Songs I love right now

1. Tulisa - Young
2. Drake ft Rhianna - Take Care
3. Connor Maynard - Can't say no.
4. Carly Rae Jepsen - Call me maybe
5. Alex Clare - The Lateness of the Hour.
6. Rita Ora - R.I.P
7. Gotye - Somebody I used to know
8. Lana Del Rey - Born to die
9. Usher - Climax
10. JAY Z & Kanye West - Ni**as in Paris

I could write so many more down like Jason Mraz - We sing. Emeli Sande - Next to me. - T.H.E the hardest ever. Plan B - She said... But I was told only 10 I love music & could quite happily sit & listen to anything from RnB to classic to old rock to indie I just love music


  1. Some good songs on there :) I was so disappointed when I first heard Tulisa's song, but it's grown on me x

  2. I had heard it alot not realising it was her... :) xx

  3. I feel so old, I don't know ANY of them!! And I only recognise a couple of the artists! x

  4. Call me Maybe is a catchy as anything tune! x

  5. heehee sorry Jackie ;)

    *& I love Call me Maybe :)

  6. I got to see Emeli Sande sing live when I attended the Elle Style Awards in London back in Feb. Met her afterward and had a drink. She's amazing.

    Love your song choices, though. :)

  7. Great list! I am seeing Jason Mraz this summer (in concert, not in person) and I LOVE Plan B. The whole album is gold. :)



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