Check List for Hugo

I know I know having a baby isn't something to take on lightly. I of course knew there could be implications to my Pregnancy/Labour/baby, I just never thought it would happen to me But then who does?
I just feel like its one thing after another at the moment in my head I've written a check list & I'm slowly ticking things off.

Check List in my head-

Boots & Bars 23 hours a day
Boots & Bars 14 hours a day
Tongue Tie - Cut
Born with Sticky eyes Left eye cleared up Right eye still Sticky!

The Normal Baby worries - Nappy rash, Trapped Wind/Reflux, How much milk there taking in? Is baby Hot or cold? when baby has a snotty nose & cant breath at night sick after every feed. The List is Endless...
So I feel yep i can cope with these. i can cope with lack of sleep But then I have the added bonus of worrying  about Blisters, Blisters on my tiny babies feet!- if his Boots are on too tight or too lose? If i have caught his toe in his boot again (its now a major fear of mine) Whilst he was in his Casts i had to check his Toes where not too cold & still had good circulation. The Dreaded feeling of forgetting to put his Boots & Bar back on at 6pm & its 8pm then having to leave them on that extra two hours the next day. I try my best to remember but I get cooking dinner & tidying up getting Emilyn ready for bed & them Bam its 8pm Hugo's bedtime & hes still in his babygro!

These are all things i hadn't thought about whilst i was pregnant with Hugo. I thought would he fit in his Carseat with his casts & BnB on? would he fit in his Bugaboo buggy? would he fit in his crib? what clothes will he be able to wear? But never did i think about Blisters & sores & Ingrown toe nails on my 3 month old baby! Or breastfeeding him with his casts & BnB on was difficult at first & even now annoying particularly at night time if Mic is sleeping close to my pillow & doesn't wake up to move he is extremely liking to get the metal bar kicked in to his head- fortunately he has learnt from that after two unfortunate events.

So if we take a look down the Check list
We have indeed finished the 4 weeks of Casts - we where really lucky the normal amount averages out from 6-8 weeks & then perhaps the tenotamy then another 3 weeks of casts. So we are well above average, But the night after the new cast weekly was always awful I was always told the casts don't hurt him but he would cry all night & it took me a few weeks to try him with calpol *My consultant told me to give him some. after he had some i think we where 3 weeks in & he did sleep better,

Hugo at 5 days old first day in his casts
then Boots & Bars 23 hours aday I was so excited to cut down to 14 hours aday i was counting down week from week each week knowing i was getting closer to BnB just at nights, the Idea of people not knowing anything about Hugo's feet would be amazing if you had read my please don't feel sorry for me or my son blog you will understand more to why i was so excited to hurry up with the full time BnB the first few days in his BnB where like a living Hell took just over 4 days he Screamed the first night i just sat up with him crying with him as i was exhausted & watching Hugo cry in pain was horrendous He must of been in pain & a mixture of annoyance as he had to move both legs together - i hand on my heart will Never forget those first few horrendous days they haunt me to see my baby like that.

Hugo having his Boots & Bars put on at the Hospital
Boots & Bars down to 14 hours a day well how blooming exciting! i get to take Hugo out with no shoes on!- wow! babygros ! i get my baby back! the first day i shed a tear having to put his BnB back on he looked so confused & was a little restless that night & the following few days. but now we are just over a week into the BnB just at nights & he is back to his usual self. Although No-one tells you how noisy they are at sleeping! - Hugo kicks his BnB up & down all night -All Night! even whilst fully asleep I hear it whilst i sleep! It will be something i get used to soon no doubt.
Colourful Babygro's

Hugo out without his BnB on the first day 14 Hours a day BnB
His Tongue Tie
Well where do i start if you hadn't read my previous blog 'Feeling Tongue Tied?' its been a long process we finally had our referral date & once we got to the hospital we where then Referred to St.Georges Hospital in London As Hugo was just over the cut off age to have his tongue cut without anaesthetic, The wait in the corridor was agonising listening to each baby cry after getting their tongue cut, as we where called in i automatically started shaking i had no idea what to expect we spoke to our Consultant at St Georges, Mic & I both explained as he is only just 18 weeks, we would give our permission & consent  for them to just cut it then & there, before we knew it we where in the side room ready to breastfeed Hugo, sitting there just shaking - then the highest pitched scream & a cry, we turned to each other & both said "that's our Hugo" tears welling up in my eyes, feeling like the worst parents in the world. The door then opened Hugo was presented to us with a wod of cotton wool in his mouth i didn't dare look at it when the Consultant took it from his mouth & then we tried to feed Hugo, it took a few minutes but once he had latched on he had a good feed & then we where ready to leave the hospital, Hugo was smiling as we left, I cant even put into words how relived i felt that it was all over.
That night Hugo was quite groggy his Tongue must of hurt a bit & he was up alot. Feeding him now is so much better doesn't hurt anymore But think he needs to adjust to how much he is taking in as hes got quite sicky I'm sure he will get used to it quick enough though.

Happy Hugo after having his tongue tie cut - after his feed
Hugo's Eczema
Well i knew he would be born with this as its a big part of my Family both my Parents sides of the family suffer I suffer every now & again & Emilyn had it badly as a baby still flares up now & again, Hugo's Eczema is horrible all over his face tops of his arms & head. I cant wash him with any smelly or bubble bath cant wash his hair with anything & even with me just using water his face goes red raw poor thing, steroid cream seems to sort it out his face is constantly covered in creams.

Silly Annoying Sticky Eyes!
I have almost given up his right eye just wont budge, Ive been back & forth to the Doctors hes had swabs taken & given 5 different types of Antibiotic eye drops, creams ect ect, i clean it 5 times a day with cooled boiled water its still there! - the left eye cleared up straight away!  Something must take it away, he wakes up in the mornings unable to open it. i have to help him. Hopefully my Health Visitor will be able to help with a new idea to get it gone!

Things in life are here to test us- we just need to make sure to get out the other side, Once we do, we are so much stronger....


  1. Your all so strong! its amazing what you've come through hun. You should be so proud of yourself and your gorgeous boy. x

  2. Thanks honey it's amazing how strong you can be when you have to. Xxx



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