Day 17 My Proudest Moment

{17} My Proudest Moment Has to be by far the Births of both my babies, Emlyn's Birth was amazing as was over 20 hours long ended up having a Epidural so her actual birth was slow & quite surreal.

Almost the first picture - I wont upload the first picture as there was a lot of blood!

 Hugo's Birth was very quick after 3 days of Labour i made them break my water at 1 cm dilated & i had him within 3 hours with just Gas & Air I made Hubby promise me not to give in to my pleads for the Epidural & in actual fact even if i had asked over & over again there seemed to be no Doctors to do it as all where in surgery delivering twins. I wasn't aloud a Water Birth either as I may need a blood transfusion  His Birth was quite shocking & dramatic I stood up & gave birth i was in total shock. But totally worth it i am so amazed i done it with just G&A i used to be so in ore of people who had labours like that, never thinking i could be one. The best experience of my life.
In Labour with Hugo - about 7 cm dilated

about an hour or so after Hugo was born I needed alot of sorting out..

 nothing & i mean nothing even comes close to how proud i was that i gave birth to my babies how proud i was holding them for the first time we made them. they are ours! even now whilst sitting with both babies on the sofa i am oozing with pride.

MY Family <3


  1. Cant believe how good you look during and after labour! I looked horrendous LOL. Beautiful family x

  2. Beautiful family, you have a lot to be proud of :) x

  3. Beautiful kids, and yes - you look amazing during and after labour!

  4. Ha thank you I hated how terrible I looked after having Emilyn I made a point of trying atleast to look aliitle better xx



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