Day 23 Dream Job

{23} Dream Job

When i was 15 years old i would of said Model - then when i got more & more involved in the industry i actually didn't enjoy it. i enjoyed being centre of attention, i enjoyed looking back at the photos, i enjoyed seeing myself in magazines or on TV but my agent wanted me to do more, go clubbing with other Model girls getting seen with celebs, footballers, constantly needing my hair done extensions, Sunbeds, nails, there was just far too much upkeep for me... i had just met my Boyfriend - Husband now Mic & it just wasn't me. Even though Mic was 100% supportive & told me to do what i wanted I thank him for that hugely... anyways I had Emilyn & then decided that was it for me. got Emilyn into modelling she had lots of castings & one big job for Monsoon last year.
Its sad now if you ask a young teenager what is your dream job & there response is "Glamour Model" they have no idea about the "real world"
Photos for Miss Teen 2005

Jimmy Choo Music Video

Now my dream job would be either to be a paid to Tweet all day. (how amazing would that be)
Or work for Bugaboo Headquarters. (free bugaboos ;))

I have no reason to go back to work anytime soon & my dream job is staying at home with the children, I believe i can do whatever i like in my life if i want something bad enough i will get there.
Anything is Possible if you have the Belief in yourself


  1. That's a beautiful picture. I'm glad that you stuck with your standards. :)

  2. I like the "free Bugaboos". It set me wondering what place I could imagine working at that would involve good freebies. Probably a Next shop as I like most of their stuff (I don't expect they let you have anything for free though even if you are staff).

  3. Anything IS possible, and lovely that you get to stay home with your kids while they are small.



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