Day 24 Favourite Childhood Book

{24} Favourite Childhood Book

 My Favourite Childhood Book would have to be Bartholomew Bear we got the "BE GENTLE" book for Emilyn & the Bartholomew Books are now her favourite too... I love reading them to her i then can remember my mum reading them to me.

 I also used to Love the FunnyBones & Starting School books. I loved the FunnyBones i think they also had a TV programme?


  1. Great choice of books, you've reminded me of some i used to read and had forgotten about xx

  2. I used a Bartholomew Bear book to encourage my eldest in her potty training .... I remember there being lots of pages with "NAH" on them!

  3. Yes lots of pages of "nah"... Emilyns best part of the "be gentle" book is the "boom boom boom" page :) xxx



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