Day 29... Where I have travelled

29. Where have you travelled

Pretty much all over the U.K not a understatement - as a child every holiday was a UK break we rented cottages all over the place, my Dad is a long distance Lorry driver so i used to go on trips with him around the UK too.

when i was about 8 years old we went to Greece Crete but that wasn't a full Family holiday Dad didn't come Mum took a female friend of hers with us.
From then i had to wait till i was 15 years old & went to Spain with older friends I then lived there & then went to America Florida, Turkey, Greece,  & Tunisia
In between these holidays lots of trips to France- Disneyland Paris & Disneyland Florida

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  1. It was the same for us when i was a child, although caravans then tents for us. We are just getting so that the little one is old enough to take abroad this year, so are having a day trip to France later in the year.



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