Day 30... In My Makeup Bag

{30} In My Cath Kidston Makeup Bag

I have Far too much -

I love Make up I am a real Make up kind of girl *I think it shows* ^^^^
I have a Open obsession with my eyebrows & draw them on daily - i do have eyebrows but they are small & light brown

this is my Daily normal make up Foundation - powder -bronzer - eyebrow pencil & Lipgloss

My Favourite Makeup is
I like to ask for this kind of make up for Christmas & Birthdays.


  1. Your makeup bag is crammed full! lol :D x

  2. Shay I have more in a box ... But sshh... ;) x

  3. Love this post, I love looking nosing in people's make up bags and bags!!! Xxx

  4. Me too! Loved your make up blog a while ago too! X



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