Day 31 Why I Blog...

{31} Why I Blog

The Reason i started blogging My beautiful Son the first day of his Casts.
Good question. it all started with Twitter - yes Twitter.
I started following Mummy Blogs & found them very interesting,
My sister said a few months back when Hugo was having his leg casts "why don't you start a blog" i poo pooed the idea & said i had no idea how to start. But agreed it would be a good idea.
One Saturday morning i asked my Husband if he could help me set a blog up, I just wanted something simple, not anything too OTT, I needed to get my thoughts out of my head, Hugos Talipes had been going round & round in my head, & being a stay at home mum/housewife i needed some ooompth back in my life, to get my brain stimulated again with words with not just being a Mummy, i craved more i needed this.
I was shocked & still am shocked at how many people like my blog how many people read my blog... its lovely when new Mums read my blogs about Hugo when they have just found out themselves that your baby will have Talipes, & they find my blog helpful to them, that gives me unexplainable satisfaction.
I would say my blog to me is like going to see a therapist but much better i don't feel the need to want to punch my keyboard in the face... (we wont go into this the whole "so how are you feeling" routine) well how do you think I'm feeling I'm sitting here seeing you.
Anyways moving on... without my blog i think i might have gone stir crazy You may think i moan allot on here but its how i am well coping.
If I'm having a bad day i put the kids down for there naps & let my emotions take over my fingers & i type my heart out, I have a good cry & then i feel 10X better!
Who ever invented blogging i need to shake their hand!
its turned into my rock, my rock of confidence & I've made some amazing Blogging friends through this process.

well there you go, this is why i Blog. It has helped me get through a tough time of my life whilst helping others cope with their problems & difficulties too.
I am 100% honest in my blogs I am a Open book I tell no lies just the Truth.
I only Wish i had started it sooner...

So This is the end of the 31 day Blog Challenge.. & i am gutted! its been fabulous & i have found new great Blogs.

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