He has a Flat Head...

Ok I know I know I am going to start to come across as a Hypochondriac but its so tough when person after person comments on the shape of your child's head!

So as you will be aware Hugo has Bilateral Talipes so he spends a lot of time on his back whilst he was in his Boots & Bars he refused tummy time I've been told a Big NO to putting him in a Jumperoo or Door Bouncer so he's normally in his rocker or play gym on the floor basically having his head laid down 90% of the time whilst he is awake I try my best to keep him up right to maybe prevent any more squashing to his head.

Being a mummy is damn tough at times I have done a lot of research in "Flat Head Sydrome" & found how much a helmet would cost but I don't want to have his head in a helmet 23 hours a day we have only just gotten over the 23 hours a day in his BnB

It seems such a Taboo subject too as it doesn't come under the NHS & has been in the News a lot recently strangely enough the same day I was aware his head was getting more misshapen there was a huge debate on Radio 2 whilst I was driving back from Norfolk.

I just wish I could forget about it. There's so many different stories some saying there child had flat head syndrome & "grew out of it" meaning their head returned to normal shape without the help of a helmet - but others saying they where told their child's head would correct itself but hasn't & now as a adult they are very aware of their "flat head" some people say its a gimmick for the Private health service but wouldn't you want the best for your child? Hugo's head seems to be getting flatter & flatter at the back & I don't think I can ignore it any more. To my understanding his brain will not be affected by it & its just because his skull is so soft but its actually indented at the back.
I keep telling myself I'm fine with it but its all so new to me. All of this is, Before Hugo never come across any baby with Talipes before or Flat Head Syndrome or a Tongue Tie. How can someone so small have so many confusing problems. Emilyns head was never like this & stayed all pretty & round Hugos head is Noticeable flat & getting Flatter. As a Mother I just can't help but worry - I really hope I don't come across as a crazy women

This Photo taken today at almost 18 weeks old
This Photo was taken when Hugo was 15 weeks old


  1. Bless him. Jaydens is still bad now. i was told it could take upto a year. he alsways used to sleep with his head to one side. We tried everything like putting pillows to one side so he had to face the other way and changing the side his cot mobile was on. Its gotten better but still not round atall. Hes had it from birth so i dont really notice it, but kierens always saying about it and it really worries him. xxx

  2. I think if he wasnt getting worse i could cope better but each day i see it getting flatter... i wouldnt say i am a worrier in the slightlest & i get on with things annoying me like constant earache but when it comes to my children i cant help but worry about the smallest of things & poor Hugo i dont think i made him very well :( xx

  3. Hiya, I don't have any experience with Bilateral Talipes, I do how ever have a son with an eye problem, we have only just recently found out the name, and I no how hurtful and confusing it is, with other peoples comments. If I had a pound for ever person telling me he looks dopey, I'd be bloody rich. On the 'flat head' issue, my partners brother was born like this, and infact worse than your little mans, it runs in line with his neck if that makes sense, he's now 3, and no treatment was given, and its un noticeable, it never bothered him or has never caused a issue. But I understand how it must make you feel, not knowing what to think. You definately don't sound crazy, your just a mother, we all worry, it comes as part of the job description :) x ps:- I'm tounge tied, never went with an oporation to fix it, and have got on perfectly fine :) x (sorry if this comment is huge and un helpful) x x

    1. Thank you honey it really is so difficult at times when people bring things up about your children. I would leave Hugos tongue if it wasn't effecting his feeding hurting me & refusing bottles so consultant has said it needs to be done. I love hearing positive story's re - flat heads as babies & them correcting themselvs xx ps so glad your son has a diagnosis that must be the hardest part the unknown xxx

  4. aww hun, your doing such a great job. Your an amazing mummy and they are both so lucky to have you! Stay strong xx

  5. Thank you honey just one thing after another - some people don't realise just how good they have it :) xxx

  6. Hi Bex, Noah had a flat head when he was little. We never had any treatment and told by the gp not to worry about it. He's fine and not had any issues because of it. I always thought he'd grown out of it, but after just feeling his head, it is still flater than Aled's, but he has so much hair that you can't notice. If it doesn't seem to be bothering Hugo, then I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure someone from our bc group used the helmets on her twins, so it might be worth asking in there if you are really worried. xxx

  7. Thank you Jackie. I kind of wish I could have a sneak peak into his future to see what his heads like would make everything much simpler. I will see if I can track her down :) xxx



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