Hugo in Boots&Bars Bilateral Talipes

Emilyn Holding Hugos foot
I do try to ignore it as best as i can, sitting down having a Costa having people point at your son because of the contraption on his feet helping him, this will allow him to walk in the future.

We are nearing the end of full time 23 hours a day of Hugo being in his BnB 12 weeks of it... almost over well not fully over  we will still have them for 14 hours a day but just at night & nap times.
I wont lie these past four months in total have been a rollercoaster of emotions some very sad time with a few tears some very happy time & proud moments of watching him grow & progress with him wearing his BnB.
In all honesty I am more than excited more than ready to have his feet back in the daytime.
All the ...
"oh whats happened?"
"Poor thing whats wrong with him?"
"has he got bad hips?"
"has he got ClubFoot?"
"have you broken his legs?"
"mummy what has that baby got on his feet?"
there is many many more "Typical" comments i hear on a daily basis whilst with Hugo the best has got to be whilst walking through my Local Tesco & a couple stopped Starred & then followed on to say GASP "oh my gosh whats that poor baby's Mum done to him." Right in front of me...I was in a bad mood so i followed on to say "How rude are some people. My babies problems are nothing to do with you. Stop starring!"
I am needless to say not going to miss these comments & stares, I really do try to stay strong whilst in front of friends & family but my gosh its hard, its hard to be just me & the Kids walking around a shopping centre & have Hugo in his Baby Bjorn carrier & have everyone stare I've not really witnessed this kind of stare before, its the Typical "I'm not looking stare..." or "i cant help but stare.stare"
I started starring back i was so fed up with it.

We've had a few Hiccups with them obviously when his toe got caught & caused 12 hours non stop crying over night. then he had a good few weeks of horrid colds & yes on one night i took his BnB off i couldn't cope with them he had a high temperature & i couldn't put him in the positions i felt he needed. it restricts him from sleeping on me or even next to me & whilst he kept being sick i couldn't risk it.
the whole "mothers Guilt" kicked in what if I've delayed treatment he had his BnB off for under 12 hours but it will constantly stick with me.

On a Brighter note its all been easier than i thought it would be & he has coped brilliantly i cant fault how amazing he has been with them. although slightly dangerous he has caught Emilyns head a few times & kicked me in the back... it hurts & for a 15 week old he has alot of strength behind him.

I know a few Mummies or soon to be mummies read my blog & i want to Reassure you.
yes you will have hard times but the proudness & love completely takes over those harder times.
Ive learnt so much from Hugo & hes not even 4 months old yet, I've also learnt alot from myself I will never judge anyone upon appearance again, this process will for sure make you stronger & the hard work is so worth it.
The time flies... shocking my son is 4 months old on Monday- i honestly don't know where the time has gone. 

Wednesday 9th May - the Day Hugo goes down to 14 hours a day he has a New Babygro to wear - i love a baby in a sleepsuit nothing beats it. Sods law i have a baby with feet problems so he physically cant wear a sleepsuit! so he will be wearing them in the day as "outfits" for a few months.

A few Photos of Hugo showing off his Gymnastic Abilities...

Hugo 16 weeks old managed to turn himself round & then got stuck on his playgym.

A New innovative way to watch TV on my bed Hugo 15 weeks old

Hugo 15 weeks old Modelling his New Snug from Mamas &  Papas
Hugo 15 weeks old lifting his BnB up working his tummy muscles 
Hugo 14 Weeks old look at my new Bump Bar cover ...


  1. Lovely post. I can only imagine how difficult these weeks have been for you hun. Not long now! It's amazing how much these tiny little people can teach us :)
    Hugo's such a cutie (I want to smush his cheeks, hehe) and I'm loving the Bump Bar cover x

  2. Thank you girls :) i will be sure to blog the day he has them off for the first time will be super odd. :) in a good way. Roll on wednesday xxx

  3. Such a lovely, honest post and the photos are gorgeous x

  4. Thankyou Rachel he is gorgeous isnt he ;) xx



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