I am a Grown Up- Potty Taining through a Toddlers Eyes...

Well what a Beautiful weekend i have spent the past 3 days running around the garden, playing in the paddling pool, Eating ice creams, playing in the woods & watching the horses play in the fields, also using my potty!
Mummy says I'm fully Potty Trained now apart from night time?
why on earth would she want me to be potty trained at night time? I'm asleep where would i do my wee wees? my bed still has sides on like I'm stuck in a cage. Mummy thinks i like it like that calls in a safety blanket why is she bringing Blanky in to this? has she mentioned my blanky to you before? i think I've had a few they come everywhere with me except school. although i am told one is in My school bag, but when i went to look last Friday it had vanished! i was crying at school because it felt like my eyes where on fire all i wanted was my Mummy & Blanky & Neither things where with me! I got my teacher to call mummy to come pick me up i wanted to see the Doctor, Hugo goes to the Doctor allot recently for his Tongue & big needles went into  his legs! I'm used to it now he cries we give him cuddles & them hes happy again, i think you get lots of attention going to see a Doctor so i keep asking to go. i went on Friday they said i have something to do with Hay & a fever ! sounds scary Horses eat Hay! & a fever I've just no idea what that is... the kind lady gave me some medicine & my eyes felt better. over the weekend though i kept getting really itchy... everywhere all over my body my bottom is the worse mummy says i scratched it really badly & made it red raw... so this morning it was still really bad so i got to see the doctor again!
i get to wear my princess knickers all the time now, they have to be princess ones she keeps trying to put these butterfly ones on me making out they are indeed princess ones, i wont fall for it & make sure i get the ones with a actual princess on, I love going to the Doctors, i always have to go for a wee wee whilst we are waiting its so much fun they have blue soap in their bathroom!
I can remember the last time i wet myself, its all quite exciting I am indeed a Big girl now Hugo is a baby & i don't want to be a baby anymore, Ive even started to call Mummy "mum" & Nanny isn't "Nanna" anymore i keep being asked to call her Nanna but that's so babyish & i am not a baby! Ive also heard big people say "Thanks" instead of "Thank you" so i now say "Thank" but again Mummy keeps telling me to say "Thank you"
This being a Big Girl business is hard work. I liked being a baby life seemed so much easier no worries in the world. No worrying about wetting Myself having to feed myself the list is endless...
its still allot of fun to wait until Gogo is feeding to tell Mummy i need a weewee i can actually use the potty all on my own now but i hurt my thumb in the door at the weekend so i have to have a Peppa Pig plaster on it which means i can only use my good hand so i must always have mummy's help using the potty,
Everyone has stopped clapping & getting all excited when i go for a weewee on the potty now so i ask mummy to clap which she does but i want to be praised much more.
i heard mummy & daddy talking the other day mummy said she had toilet trained the doggies so i must be easier... why do Beth & Molly need to use the toilet? i couldn't imagine either of them fitting on the toilet especially Molly she must have to use my princess step to get up, i wonder if they can flush the toilet with their paws? all the questions running through my head?..
The doggies go for their walks allot i don't think they have toilets in the fields, i am going to have to keep my eyes on them to see where they do their weewees.
So i am now a Grown Up, although Mum wants to give my Dummy to the "DummyFairy" she says they live in the woods.. I'm not ready to give them away yet.
Mummy's calling me quick, don't tell her Ive Blogged again. sshh

Yours Sincerely Miss Emilyn XoX



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