Potty training in a Toddlers Eyes.

Join me on my potty training Journey...
A Few days ago i decided to get Mummy to find my potty, I want to be a big girl & not wear a nappy like my baby brother does.
She seemed really excited to give me my pink potty & then ran to get my green one too.
Why on earth was she this happy? well over the next few days i treid really hard every wee wee i had on the potty everyone clapped & said how wonderful i was - I could get used to this! On sunday i think it was Sunday Daddy was home so must of been saturday or sunday although my Mummy said something about Daddy working saturday because he took a day off to take Gogo to the hospital. I had school then got to spend the afternoon with my Nanna. oh i was sidetracked sorry Mummy has informed me it was infact Sunday we went to buy me some Knickers i chose some pretty princess ones. I dont like the boring flower ones I only want to wear the knickers with the princess's on.
It's great fun all this potty training stuff is what they call it. I say I need a wee wee & someone comes running mummy & daddy shout to each other to get me on the toilet quickly!... I think they think I'm going to explode! I can hold it in but it's fun to have accidents every now & then to keep them on their toes!
I did get quite upset the other day I told daddy I needed the toilet but he couldn't find my potty...it was right behind him both of them together they come as a pair mummy thinks they should be upstairs & downstairs but she's wrong they must be together or they'd get lonely.
Today is one, two, three, four day four of potty training thingy & I now know what it's all about but decided that I don't want to use the potty the toilet mummy uses is fine but I must have my toy story toilet lid on it. It's been fun today whilst mummy was making lunch I kept telling her a needed a wee wee so she had to take me up to the toilet we sing "old mc Donald song" & she keeps telling me to "Relax relax"... What ever that means I repeat it thoug so she thinks I know what she's on about. I think she's crazy some days cooking & cleaning whilst feeding Gogo that's the absolute best time to ask for a wee wee even if I don't need to go I may just go "pop" & then I'm all done, after I've been to the toilet it's fun to tell Everyone I even rung Daddy whilst he was at work earlier to tell him I had a wee wee on the toy story toilet. He couldn't answer so I spoke to the talking lady & she said beep & then I said "daddy I done it I done it I had weewee"
Mummy keeps telling me how proud she is of me, I've decided I like wearing knicker nappies I think mummy called them pull ups what a silly name?
Sometimes I like to play the wee wee game I tell mummy I need a wee wee do my wee dance & I get to sit on the toilet & sing the "old mc Donald song" I do this over & over again until I think mummy gets annoyed she's looking old & tired today I think Gogo was up a lot last night he had Hospital again yesterday to get a new Tongue. I worried about him all day & kept asking Nanna if Gogo is ok? I was so glad when they got home the first thing I asked was how's Gogo's new tongue, It must of hurt I wonder why he needed a new one ?
I think mummy needs the laptop now she might tell me off for being on her laptop I hope she doesn't find out about my blog.
I will be in knickers in no time just you wait.
Love from Emilyn Happy Reading


  1. Haha, that is so cute. Aled has a twitter account that is 'ghost written' by his daddy. xx

  2. aw i was tempted to do the same but i spend too much of my time on twitter as it is ;) x



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