Not just a Garden

Such a Magical Garden

Last weekend we visited a Fantastic breath-taking garden,

The Views where incredible, the thought that has been taken into the design of this garden is just superb.

The lady who owns the House & the garden has lived there 60 years, she has 8 full time gardeners, & she open’s her garden for the Public 6 or 7 times a year.

The Garden is divided into different parts, like a Millennium Gardens, The Sunken gardens, the play houses, the scary path, *it was actually scary so very well done!

All ages would enjoy it, Hugo 5 months ended up in his baby carrier as his buggy would have struggled to get around the more twiddly paths. He was smiling & giggling the whole way around; he even got a little bit spooked in the "Scary Garden"
Emilyn loved all the freedom she’s almost 3 years old, The gardens where very child friendly with lots of things for her to-do, the best part was all the impressive play houses,

& then us Adults I was walking around in shock to just how amazing the whole garden was.

The lady who owned the Garden & house must of been very Christian as in each garden there was something from the Bible, it was Beautiful, We got talking to the Owner & mentioned if she uses it as a Quiet Garden but she said there’s constantly gardeners & work men with loud machines working in it so it really is not very quiet.

On a rocking chair

Driving a car

the scary path

Emilyn very scared leaving the Scary Path
I honestly couldn’t have come up with this garden in my wildest of wildest dreams. I do recommend to anyone who is in the South to try & go,

It’s called Latchetts Garden I’m sure if you Google it, it will come up or contact me.

Trendy Toddler Tuesday- Teddy Bears Picnic

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfolloweroffashion for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.

Today we had Emlyn's school Teddy Bears Picnic & Sponsored walk.
She Came 2nd In the walk & managed 66 Laps around the field! Sure enough she had the longest nap after we arrived home.

Clothes :

So Emilyn is wearing a whole Monsoon Outfit. Top & Trousers bought as a pair..
Shoes are Clarkes Doodles,
Hair Clip is Monsoon,
Teddy Bear is called Ted!

Take a look at The Lovely Lady Jenny who got me into Trendy Toddler Tuesday's Blog Here
& Of course go seeMedicatedfolloweroffashion who is Kindly hosting this Link whilst  Very Busy Mama who Normally Hosts this Fabulous Trendy Toddler Tuesday is on her Holidays.

one huge Surprise

Deciding on what to wear...
Since having Hugo Hubby & I have defiantly neglected "us time" so we went out for my Birthday last night, this is the first time in well over 6 months as Hugo had decided he wouldn't take the bottle anymore i had not left him longer than popping down to the Doctors if that. so for me to go out for the evening was Huge for me,
new Vivienne Westwoods
It was like our first date i felt like a giggly school girl, raiding through my wardrobe looking for something to wear a Novelty not having to wear something that i can easily breastfeed in, i tried on many different heels but felt comfiest in flats,
i wasn't allowed to open my birthday card from Mic, he had been very secretive over my it to the extent of taking it to work with him.
I honestly didn't know what to think,
we got to the restaurant & there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table from him, & I cried he can be Romantic!
I had had an emotional day *for personal reasons, so as he put the card down on the table & told me i could open it after we had ordered our mains, I said it better not make me cry to which he said hopefully not.
The card was adorable & what was inside i could not in a million years guess.
i hesitated to open it not knowing what to expect, The flowers were amazing enough.
there was a envelope inside... with Virgin on it....
it all went a bluegh...i just kept repeated "what have you done you crazy fool"
the tears started i hadn't even opened the envelope,
A trip to America All Four of us Not just America but MIAMI 5star Hotel 10 days Next year.
what a birthday present. I stayed in shock for a few moments, stunned.
How did he do this without me knowing.
I Love Randomness, one of the things i fell in love about him was his spontaneous personality the "get up & go" attitude,
Like our wedding & previous Holidays we had done.

It defiantly made me love him that little extra & gives us something to look forwards to.
Now i need to work on my Bikini Body!!!

Botox Boobs & Birthdays

Today Is my BIRTHDAY!
I am 21 years old...*(Well im not) but shhh... i thought it would be a good age to stay.
With Botox no one will ever know?
I no I no surgery is bad... but i refuse to grow old gracefully, this is me remember.
Also a boob job is also on the agenda once my little man has had enough of them...
Now i could sit here & tell you Im off to the Ritz & Shopping in Bicester for Gucci & Vivienne Westwood, JimmyChoo But unfortunately that was  all last year Done & dusted....
This year however i Have my beautiful son ( i was 12 weeks pregnant last year) My beautiful daughter (who is at Preschool till 12) to share my day with its all pretty Normal here Normal Mummy duties. But would i have it any other way? No way! so far my day has been perfect lots of lovely presents from Hubby & the babies - Pandora, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood are all in the mix, I've got to wait till later to open cards & other family presents.
The Most exciting thing about today is I'm going out tonight!!!
i am totally excited Mic & I haven't had wife & husband alone time since way before Hugo was born we are talking over 6 months i haven't had a drink since our Honeymoon!... Although I'm not sure i will be drinking tonight haven't really fancied it. Hangovers are not worth a good night with two babies to wake you up at 5am!
So may only stick to one if that...
A happy Birthday to me !!

New Boots Talipes

Yesterday was our 3 Monthly Boots & Bar Check at the Hospital.
As you know if you've been keeping up with my blog, you'll know Hugo has been being a little monkey & escaping his Boots! If you've only just started reading my blog take a look Here to learn more about Houdini Hugo.
so this is our third Boots & bar check i think - & these are his third boots so far. I was hoping to get a completely different pair that i have been told are harder to escape from but alas no such luck, they want Hugo to keep going in the same type of boots well untill or if he escapes again then they will reavulate what to do next.
Ok so we got into the room & they where checking Hugo's feet, his progress has been amazing, as he hasn't had the Tentonotamy though i started to feel really anxious about how well his feet are coping with the treatment ... what if his feet are not as good as i thought they where? what if they are relapsing already?
what if he actually does need the Tentonanoty operation? i was actually shocked i was thinking this way, trying to shake the thoughts out of my head. as they where doing the checks they noticed that his foot is still wanting to go inwards, of course this did not help my panic mode at all! They said this is pretty normal & will slowly correct itself, I'm a mother! this is just playing around in my head, i no i no I'm being completely over the top! but c'mon this is my babies feet, i want them perfect, as perfect as they can be!
Then we got talking about the new boots, he had obviously outgrown his old boots but they couldn't figure out how he was escaping them. so they tried bigger boots on but told me if they slipped i would have to go back, they've padded them out with heel grips.
they then measured his shoulders & gave him a new bar... the bar is now HUGE! like I'm having  to readjust myself to this all over again,
Once we got home i put his BnB on around 4pm to get him used to them, he cried & cried & cried, eventually got him to have a sleep had to feed him to sleep, & then balance him into his cot whilst still on his pillow. he awoke around 7pm, crying, crying & crying these Dam boots! finally got him settled at around 9pm, & he woke 5 times ended up in my bed at 5am his bar is so wide though i didn't have much space!
I honestly didn't realise how challenging this how process would be, its really taking it out of me,
I also don't think he will fit in his Maxi Cosi Carseat in his BnB now too so not sure what I'm going to do if we go out in the evenings with him.
I'm hoping tonight will be better. 
The New Boots & Bar
Hugo showing off his bar all grumpy
Hugo this morning Happy Hugo.


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