Botox Boobs & Birthdays

Today Is my BIRTHDAY!
I am 21 years old...*(Well im not) but shhh... i thought it would be a good age to stay.
With Botox no one will ever know?
I no I no surgery is bad... but i refuse to grow old gracefully, this is me remember.
Also a boob job is also on the agenda once my little man has had enough of them...
Now i could sit here & tell you Im off to the Ritz & Shopping in Bicester for Gucci & Vivienne Westwood, JimmyChoo But unfortunately that was  all last year Done & dusted....
This year however i Have my beautiful son ( i was 12 weeks pregnant last year) My beautiful daughter (who is at Preschool till 12) to share my day with its all pretty Normal here Normal Mummy duties. But would i have it any other way? No way! so far my day has been perfect lots of lovely presents from Hubby & the babies - Pandora, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood are all in the mix, I've got to wait till later to open cards & other family presents.
The Most exciting thing about today is I'm going out tonight!!!
i am totally excited Mic & I haven't had wife & husband alone time since way before Hugo was born we are talking over 6 months i haven't had a drink since our Honeymoon!... Although I'm not sure i will be drinking tonight haven't really fancied it. Hangovers are not worth a good night with two babies to wake you up at 5am!
So may only stick to one if that...
A happy Birthday to me !!



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