Baby Fashion - Baptism Help

So we have Hugo's Baptism coming up.
Although there has been no date set in stone yet.
I am in the process of discussing dates with my Vicar, But I'm stuck at What will Hugo Wear?
What do Baby Boys wear to be Baptised or Christened  in?

Mummy, Daddy & Emilyn
Emilyn fast asleep showing off her pretty dress.

Little Girls Baptism clothes are Simple - Dresses Pretty White Dresses!
So I originally wanted Emilyn to wear the Mamas & Papas Dress but for £150 for one day seemed a little crazy. now i know I'm OTT but that was a little too OTT for my liking. so believe it or not Emilyns dress came from Primark... I'm not that much of a snob - that everyone seems to think i am. i liked the dress it was cheap i think something like £9! i would of spent up to £40 ish on a nice dress...

 Boys clothes seem much much harder though i would LOVE to put Hugo in a Baptism gown ( a dress) but it seems very Taboo thing to do.
so here i have shortlisted a few some are way Out of my price range.

We've got the classic Tank top Jumper & trousers X3 I'm not really in love with these i would prefer him in White. The Romper could work but £55 seems a bit steep.

Then this Romper is gorgeous but for £70!

 What i have noticed is As soon as a piece of clothing has "Wedding, christening or even Special Occasion" the Price Doubles or more... Although this Mothercare White Outfit looks Good! but Typical its only in stock in 18-24Months... Back to search some more.
So I am no closer at finding the Perfect Baptism outfit for Hugo.

I Need help... Back to the drawing board.


  1. I found the same when Christening K and N's is in a few weeks time - eeek! I prefer to put the outfit together myself, reflects my style and doesn't break the bank. K had beige chinos, a white shirt and a tank top (which i saved) For N i was thinking something like this

  2. thank you honey, yes i think its much nicer putting things together & saving money at the same time i will have a good look around. im also debating whether to use a gown instead.. decisions!!x

  3. Smaller boy was christened in a gown, the same one which his sister wore. It was very traditional and I loved it. x

    1. thank you, i love love love the idea of a gown i have been swayed to getting one, i was hoping he'd fit in to my old one, but alas he will be too big, x

  4. We have Finleys christening coming up on the 8th July. It does seem so much harder to dress a boy for a christening. So in the end i got an outfit from Very

    & we;'' drape him in a white blanket thing my mum gave me to wrap him in for "important" bits.

  5. Thank you ive been told to take a look on very by two lovely ladies now so defo will xxx



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