The Reality of Boots and Bar 6pm - 8am Talipes

Happy Feet Talipes - Boots and bar.

I look at myself as a Strong lady I take the bad & turn it to the positive.
There are things that I somehow can't seem to get my head around...
I am so grateful for our Happy feet Talipes Support group, its tough at times though as I feel I have to stay strong on there for the fear of worrying the New Mums to be who have recently found their son or daughter has Talipes.
A Post caught my attention the other night though & I'm so glad I am not the only one thinking/feeling like this.

"One of my friends has put some lovely photos of has little one in bed looking all cute in her sleep suit. Anyone else feel really sad that they can't dress their baby all snugly for bed!"

This is my feeling all over! I replied ...

"Yes all the time i actually get very sad about it. I love baby's in sleep suits I was so looking forwards to buying lots when I was pregnant I think Hugo not being able to wear them to bed hurts me the most.People don't understand how I feel friends with new babies don't realise how lucky they are to be able to cuddle there babies whilst feeding them throughout the night. " 

I was humbled to see some very similar replies It makes me remember we are ALL in the same boat & how nice it is to be able to relate to these people.
I mean what I had planned to do after I found out if I was having a Girl or Boy at my 20 week scan was to then go to Next & buy a Blue or Pink Babygro to then post on Facebook Yes I know the world revolves around bloody Facebook ... & share my happiness with my friends & Family that way. But instead I went into Next picked up a babygro & burst into tears saying My Boy cant wear one, I actually felt as if my heart was getting ripped out & of course the added fact i was told my boy possibly had Edwards Syndrome so I possibly was never going to meet my Boy. Or take my boy home... The HARDEST day of my life. The Unknown always is though isn't it? I couldn't bring myself to buy anything from next that day. I felt numb with sadness the unknown.
One comment hit me hard & I hadn't thought this through myself 

- "I feel exactly the same girls , and my friends don't seem to understand when I say how much i miss things like baby grows , and just knowing that at 6pm boots go back on; it really upsets me how so many people take things for granted, i always keep thinking will Max ever be able to get up in the morning and come to my bed or things like christmas day we wont get the running into our room all excited because the boots will be on , I don't think anyone fully understands unless they have been in our situation , I no in comparison to other things talipes in minor but it doesn't make it any easier"

My gosh I had never even thought about this Christmas mornings as a 3 year old + running into my room with their stockings all excited.

Another post got me thinking again I had never thought about this 'Holidays' OK so Hugo has his Boots & bars on at 6pm every day, by the time he is walking this will no doubt cause tantrums but at home in a normal routine i am sure we will be able to tackle it head on. Whilst away on Holiday abroad I can see this becoming a problem, Routine goes out the window, By walking age (whenever he decides to start walking I know he can be delayed at ) but he will watch Emilyn running around will this kick up a tantrum?
Will he still be in a buggy? He wouldn't be able to walk from our hotel room to a restaurant in his Boots & Bars? would he still fit in a buggy at the age of 4 or 5 ? 
all these questions running around my head with no answers to them, as i cant see into my future. I cant see how he will cope. how i will cope? 
OK i think i am Over thinking things but these will be things i will need to tackle.
& here comes the dreaded Hatred for his Boots & bar again! always the Unknown. I will get there i know i will. 
1 step forwards 3 steps back...

OK Mummy's with New babies can you do me a special favour? When your baby is crying in the night just give them that extra cuddle & realise how very lucky you are indeed. The first year of a babies life in their cute sleep suit is so special. don't take it for granted. 
I do of course make sure I make up with snuggles & cuddles throughout the day & when i get him dressed for the day I do dress him in a babygro. He may not look dressed to you but he sure is dressed to me, a baby in a babygro is the BEST in my eyes. 

This also makes me sad, the thought of i feel my having Baby days are done I mean i again cant see in to my future but after experiencing a horrible pregnancy (very similar to Emilyns) & finically i can say im very happily finished having babies but this also means i am missing out on 5 years of My baby in babygros at night time having a cute snuggled up baby on my chest the precious first few weeks where replaced with my 5 day old baby with huge heavy casts on his legs.
People honestly have no idea how draining on your emotions it is as a new mummy. 
I'm not moaning i am expressing my feelings. my feelings that are still incredibly raw to me. they are getting better though. each day it gets better, I do however still resent the 6 O'clock time "Oh that time again Boots & Bar time"... 
It also makes it hard when people say "how long does he have to stay in them for"
"Till hes 5 i say"
"Oh not long then"....
ok if you say so. my daughter is almost 3... 5 years is a bloody long time i n my eyes, its only "Not long" for you because your not going through it yourself.

Back to the Hospital tomorrow for new boots. Will Update later.

A Special Thank you to my Girls for allowing me to post from our Happy Feet Talipes Group.

Bilateral Talipes Boots and bar

Bilateral Talipes boots and bar 


  1. {hugs} I wasn't aware Hugo had talipes (sort I'm way behind on my blog reading). We've been told J has it but only v mildly and only needs a but of physio, so we are very lucky. What a hard thing to go through x

    1. Thank you. Oh I'm so behind on my blog reading too! So good he can get away with just physio xxx

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