The Dummy Fairy Visits

Over the last few weeks some of you will know how frustrating the Dummy has been in our life.
Every night i would get up to fetch the dummy the dummy that i could never find in the dark & i would end up having to go digging around in the changing bag at 3am! not ideal specially as Hugo is feeding up to 4 times a night on top of me looking for Dummies!

going to knock on the fairy door in the woods
So i started mentioning the "Dummy Fairy" to Emilyn she liked the idea but when it came down to handed her dummy over she would freak out & not hand it over. I couldn't even get it off her in the day
Before i had Emilyn i was dead against her even having a dummy & i thought i had got away with it until i got her on to the bottle at around 6 months old. She was a sucky baby & needed it for the comfort so i spent the first 6 months with her glued to my breast using me as a dummy, so really i had no choice once she was on to bottles, i had no way of comforting her. whereas Hugo feeds for food & doesn't mess around wanting to suck on anything so I'm hoping Fingers crossed we wont go down the dummy route with him.

Searching for the Fairy
Out of no where yesterday Emilyn started Talking about the dummy fairy & that the fairy will come & take her dummy for other babies that need them. I casually said to her ok sweet go upstairs put your dummy under your pillow & see if the Fairy comes... So she did then cam downstairs & waited for the fairy... "Look Emilyn theres the fairy can you see her... " Yes Yes Hello Fairy" Emilyn whispered. i told her to be quiet as we don't want to upset or scare the fairy, Emilyn then ran upstairs to her cot & brought the dummy down looking quite sad & let down, "Mummy the Fairy didn't take the dummy, dummy still under pillow."
I was quite taken back by this & sat her down & asked whether she really wanted the Fairy to take the dummy & was she happy about this. the last thing i want to do is upset her, i wanted the dummy gone but i didn't want her to feel i was pressurising her to get rid of the dummy. it is part of her security like her blanky & she needs to feel ready for it to be gone.
As she seemed happy & excited about the dummy Fairy coming i thought ok lets do it. "Go & pop your dummy back upstairs under your pillow & then call for the dummy fairy & see if she comes"
I then told her i was just going to do a load of washing & took the dummy for a big packet of Haribo sweets!... i no i no how original of me, swapping a dummy that's bad for her teeth for lots of sugar ridden sweets. i was under pressure !!
i went back downstairs Emilyn Shouting for the "Fairy, Fairy Come on Fairy!"....
"Quick Emilyn have you seen her,? Shall we follow her c'mon hold my hand"
It was honestly the most amazing thing her face was so excited so bright she kept saying she could see the fairy "Look mummy there she is" i had a  rush of emotions over come me
she looked under her pillow
"Oh wow mummy the Fairy taken my Dummy, Mummy the fairy left me sweets under my pillow"
I asked if she was happy her dummy was gone.
"Yes mummy, my dummy gone with Fairy for other babies" (She rocks her arms back & forth mimicking holding a newborn baby)

Going into the Fairy Wood
Ok so it can not be this easy! she was so proud of herself when Nanna came home she was Ranting & Raving about The Fair & Dummy & pillow & sweets & baby has her dummy now ect ect...
Then the same when Grandad & Daddy came home showing them the door she came through & how excited she was.
we got through dinner fine & then it was bedtime... yes our first Tantrum or was rather a Emotional meltdown asking the Fairy to bring her dummy back. i took her upstairs & looked through the window we found the Fairy & the fairy told Emilyn that her Dummy has gone to a new baby then Emilyn was back on track " Oh OK fairy dummy gone to baby, thank you for the sweets bye fair love you" then blew a kiss...
she then had a wee in her potty, brushed her teeth & went to sleep.
Literally within minutes i was in shock. still I'm thinking no way can it be this easy!
Hubby & I went to sleep around 9pm... i mentioned how tired i was didn't i? We live a rock'n'roll lifestyle for a Friday night, at 10:30pm Emilyn woke up in a panic saying she had wet herself & was very upset with herself. she hadn't wet her self at all & put her on the potty she was sitting there saying " Fairy gave my dummy to another baby" repeated several times, i gave her a kiss on her forehead & said head poppet your making mummy & daddy so proud your being so brilliant & trundled back to bed straight back to sleep (This is the girl who couldn't even have a nap without her dummy) i thought she needed it!
the rest of the night was a bit fuzzy up & down with Hugo like normal i should be used to it by now but having a rough few days done too much i know i know i think my M.E is still hovering around somewhere however much i try to ignore it!
she then awoke again at 5:50am needing a wee again & unusually went back to sleep.
I am beaming with pride.
This Morning we went off into the woods to see if we could find the fairy's there is so many different kinds, she has the most amazing imagination (although Fairies are real)
they are very hard to see But Emilyn can see them.
you've got to be super quiet & still then they come out to play!
She even told me this morning that she doesn't need her Blanky & can the fairy take it away. well i don't know about you but she in my eyes needs her blanky & so i told her to put blanky in her bed she agreed.

this is what she can see outside her bedroom window she says the fairy is in the flowers
where has my baby gone? She has grown up so much in the last few weeks. she is now fully potty trained i cant remember her last accident, her speech is getting so much better, & now no dummy!
Next on my list is to get her out of her cot, we have a lovely Hello Kitty bed waiting for her but i have full belief in being Guided by your child. when shes ready she is ready. & there not children for long.
I cant even begin to explain how proud i am.

This is the Fairy far if she has mantioned the dummy we go& talk to the Fairy
Is it really This easy? I think it is. We will see how tonight goes i may of Jinxed myself. so far so good today.


  1. Thank you sweet :) your lucky B is ok to only have his at night time it was all or nothing with Emilyn :/ xxx typical girl haha

  2. Such a cute post (she is unbelievably gorgeous!) I was quite against dummies initially too but luckily didn't have to use them with Honey as she sucks her thumb, but will defo use one with the next one if he doesn't suck his thumb though. Anything to settle them easily!
    ps is there a thumb fairy at all??!!

  3. Thank you :)
    ah you should try a thumb fairy. although she will defo grow out of it i was a thumb sucker, i think Hugo will go down that route too. x



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