How and when you find the time to…..

How and when you find the time to…..

I have been tagged by the Lovely Lovely  Thirty Mummy Lisa for this meme started by Sex, Drugs, rocker and Stroller Its all about how I find the time to do what I do.
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Do the Laundry
I tend to do the washing every other day In the morning before the school run, unless it needs to be done sooner, the beds are washed weekly unless they need to be done sooner... If Emilyn Wets the bed or Hugos sick in mine.

Write a blog post
My Blogs are usually done whilst the babies are down for there naps. around lunch time, if its a school day i drop Emilyn off, come home Hugo then stays asleep for an hour i then do a blog & tidy the house.

Look after yourself
Its all about Multitasking I am a pro at it, I do my make up with breastfeeding Hugo in the morning around 6am. Showers are a joint effort normally includes both babies, & hair is a quick 5 min job with lots of hair grips & hair spray.

Spend time with your other half
Every morning & Evening we probably get an hour on our own daily at the moment - Mornings are a family thing breakfast together, evenings Hugo goes to sleep at 8pm, then i stay up till 9 or 10pm depending on how my night was previously, we haven't had a "Date night" since before i had Hugo, I miss us time but its temporarily on hold & we are both fine about that as we know how fast babies grow up & we have the rest of our lives for "Date nights"

Do stuff with your little one
All the time... Emilyn & I are like two peas in a pod, before i had Hugo we where pretty inseparable, we do Arts & Crafts whilst Hugo has his morning nap, we have lazy film afternoons, & we go to lots of soft play areas. as a stay at home mummy i am super lucky enough to spend all my time with my babies.

Spend time with your Family
After we found out Hugo will be born with Bilateral Talipes we took the plunge to move from London & move back in with my parents - we lived almost an hour away from both set of parents & we would be doing weekly hospital trips so would need someone to have Emilyn, so we are with my Parents everyday. we see my Mother in law when we can she works night shifts but when shes free we all meet up. I love Family time.

Socialise with friends
We usually spend 3 days out of the 7 with friends be it Mummy friends or just my single Friends we are a very sociable family.

Prepare an evening meal juggling a bedtime routine
I generally do the dinner around 4pm when Hugo is having his nap or its just impossible. i try to do meals like shepards pie & things that can all be prepared & then cook more in the oven nearer dinner time.

Deep Clean your house
I Clean my house daily, hoovering up to 3 times a day we have two doggies one that molts -  Alot! bathrooms get wiped over & cleaned every morning. Kitchen gets a good clean every morning after breakfast & then again after Dinner.

Do the food shopping
Normally done once a week online & then gets delivered for us.

Do bulk Ironing 
I Love Ironing but only Iron when things need it. as Ive learnt that when i do Iron everything it then gets put away in the cupboard or wardrobe & gets creased again...

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  1. I was reading through yours and then it dawned on me that I'd done this one! I so could not do makeup at 6am ... my eyes are barely open and focusing at the time of a morning!



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