My Baby Houdini

After a tough night with Hugo i decided at 4am he must need a nappy Change... Que me shrieking at Mic "He's done it again! his foot is out! How has he done this?"
poor Hubby then couldn't get back to sleep.
but i just can't get my head around how he wiggles his foot out.
This is the second time its happened. the first time i was just as shocked but i thought i just hadn't put his heel in deep enough so it was easy to slip out.
well this time  i no i put his boot on properly because i put his boot on & bent his little toe back again so i quickly took it off & made sure it was put on properly.
how i found Hugo the first time
I'm so glad we are back at the hospital soon as I'm going to see if we can change his boots to another kind,

Hugo's boot fully tightened the first time it happened

How i found Hugo the second time
Hugo's boot fully tightened the second time it happened

*Update this morning 18th June I woke up to find he had managed it again... The third time! his little foot wiggling around & he was so happy about it! defiantly going to see if we can change to another kind of boots next time we are at hospital. i kept him in his BnB till lunch time today- the last thing i want is to have his right foot relapsing.
This morning cheeky monkey!

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