Not just a Garden

Such a Magical Garden

Last weekend we visited a Fantastic breath-taking garden,

The Views where incredible, the thought that has been taken into the design of this garden is just superb.

The lady who owns the House & the garden has lived there 60 years, she has 8 full time gardeners, & she open’s her garden for the Public 6 or 7 times a year.

The Garden is divided into different parts, like a Millennium Gardens, The Sunken gardens, the play houses, the scary path, *it was actually scary so very well done!

All ages would enjoy it, Hugo 5 months ended up in his baby carrier as his buggy would have struggled to get around the more twiddly paths. He was smiling & giggling the whole way around; he even got a little bit spooked in the "Scary Garden"
Emilyn loved all the freedom she’s almost 3 years old, The gardens where very child friendly with lots of things for her to-do, the best part was all the impressive play houses,

& then us Adults I was walking around in shock to just how amazing the whole garden was.

The lady who owned the Garden & house must of been very Christian as in each garden there was something from the Bible, it was Beautiful, We got talking to the Owner & mentioned if she uses it as a Quiet Garden but she said there’s constantly gardeners & work men with loud machines working in it so it really is not very quiet.

On a rocking chair

Driving a car

the scary path

Emilyn very scared leaving the Scary Path
I honestly couldn’t have come up with this garden in my wildest of wildest dreams. I do recommend to anyone who is in the South to try & go,

It’s called Latchetts Garden I’m sure if you Google it, it will come up or contact me.



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