one huge Surprise

Deciding on what to wear...
Since having Hugo Hubby & I have defiantly neglected "us time" so we went out for my Birthday last night, this is the first time in well over 6 months as Hugo had decided he wouldn't take the bottle anymore i had not left him longer than popping down to the Doctors if that. so for me to go out for the evening was Huge for me,
new Vivienne Westwoods
It was like our first date i felt like a giggly school girl, raiding through my wardrobe looking for something to wear a Novelty not having to wear something that i can easily breastfeed in, i tried on many different heels but felt comfiest in flats,
i wasn't allowed to open my birthday card from Mic, he had been very secretive over my it to the extent of taking it to work with him.
I honestly didn't know what to think,
we got to the restaurant & there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table from him, & I cried he can be Romantic!
I had had an emotional day *for personal reasons, so as he put the card down on the table & told me i could open it after we had ordered our mains, I said it better not make me cry to which he said hopefully not.
The card was adorable & what was inside i could not in a million years guess.
i hesitated to open it not knowing what to expect, The flowers were amazing enough.
there was a envelope inside... with Virgin on it....
it all went a bluegh...i just kept repeated "what have you done you crazy fool"
the tears started i hadn't even opened the envelope,
A trip to America All Four of us Not just America but MIAMI 5star Hotel 10 days Next year.
what a birthday present. I stayed in shock for a few moments, stunned.
How did he do this without me knowing.
I Love Randomness, one of the things i fell in love about him was his spontaneous personality the "get up & go" attitude,
Like our wedding & previous Holidays we had done.

It defiantly made me love him that little extra & gives us something to look forwards to.
Now i need to work on my Bikini Body!!!


  1. Oh my God what a present!!! Well done him, happy birthday :)

  2. Oh how lovely!! Nice to see romance is not dead as some would think. Happy Birthday :-) x

    ps where did you get the scarf from? I love elephants & i love scarves so a good combo :-)! x

    1. Thank you!! the scarf was a birthday pressy but its from NEXT
      :) xxx

    2. fab thank you. will take a look next time i order from them - which won't be long knowing me!!! lol x



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