Trendy Toddler Tuesday- Teddy Bears Picnic

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfolloweroffashion for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.

Today we had Emlyn's school Teddy Bears Picnic & Sponsored walk.
She Came 2nd In the walk & managed 66 Laps around the field! Sure enough she had the longest nap after we arrived home.

Clothes :

So Emilyn is wearing a whole Monsoon Outfit. Top & Trousers bought as a pair..
Shoes are Clarkes Doodles,
Hair Clip is Monsoon,
Teddy Bear is called Ted!

Take a look at The Lovely Lady Jenny who got me into Trendy Toddler Tuesday's Blog Here
& Of course go seeMedicatedfolloweroffashion who is Kindly hosting this Link whilst  Very Busy Mama who Normally Hosts this Fabulous Trendy Toddler Tuesday is on her Holidays.


  1. What a little cutie! I love Monsoon children's clothes. I just wish they did more for boys!!

    Thank you for linking up :)


    1. thank you, yes i love Monsoon clothes half her wardrobe is monsoon, is such a shame they dont do more boys stuff.

  2. That top is lovely. Just the type of thing I like and Monsoon does really beautiful girls clothes.

    1. Monsoon is fab for pretty everyday girls clothes, Love them, Thank you x

  3. Great post - lovely clothes and Beautiful E :)
    Thanks for mentioning me, not had chance to do mine today :( Boo

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