The unconventional way Or is it?

Our Family Mum. Dad Emilyn & Hugo
This is something I have not Blogged about before. Our Living situation. I'm not too sure why, but i think I'm slightly embarrassed about it I mean we moved out got our own Privately rented house & then had to move back in with my Parents. when i found out about Hugos Feet his Bilateral Talipes & the amount of Hospital visits we decided we needed to live closer to my parents for support & a babysitter for Emilyn, IT just so happened that my Older sister moved out & My parents were having a extension so there would of been room for us to move in,
we moved back last November, in fact i am loving it, Emilyn is with her grandparents daily with the family dogs & her Auntie.
the first few months were hard there is A lot of us living here. It was hard us not having our own space, it was hard leaving my house the house i had spent so much money on getting it the way I wanted & then having to sell everything. I lived about an hour away from my parents & my inlaws.
This was the best possible solution to live closer to my parents & we are now saving for a mortgage or if the council allow our plans then we have plenty of land to build on.
In the meantime we are living in the madhouse... No joke it's crazy here but I love it we are a close family & it's never lonely, Mic works long hours & so it's nice to not be on my own all the time with the babies.
The only thing that got to me was that the other day as I was parking the car in the drive I said to Emilyn "Home now"... Her response "no not home nannas mummy"... This got to me a lot I thought oh gosh where does she think "home" is? This comment made me cry. All the questions came running through my mind... Is she happy? Has she got the stability she needs? She has her own bedroom & far too many toys, she's got a huge garden over an acre of land to play on lots of garden toys & love from our huge family. Hugs & attention whenever she wants/needs two doggies to play ball with & now a baby brother to add to the joys, I mentioned it a few days later to my mum & we both agreed Emilyn is fine & happy here she would infact argue white was black if she could we then asked Emilyn where was home & she said here & we all live here together. Obviously this won't be a long term thing & I suspect a lot of family's are also living with other generations too. I crave our own house but I don't crave the bills & aggro that comes with it. Nor do I want neighbours... We don't have neighbours here or many people near us we live in a very sought after location in the West Sussex countryside & I realise how lucky we are. I lived on the outskirts of London beforehand & I couldn't live there again I am a country girl at heart but crave abit of Kingston every now & again fortunately we aren't too far away. I crave the decorating the buying sofas & beds kitchen utensils all the fun things I should so be a interior designer! Dream job...
I know we will get there. We will get our own house I just don't want to move too far from the village as I want Emilyn to go to the village school where she's at preschool now already. So this was a little bit of my life you may not of known. A little bit of my life I kept to myself.
On the outlook you may say -"wow how easy have you got it!?" but in all reality I sometimes think it would be easier having my own house & just looking after my two babies & hubby. The house we live in is big a moulting dog - lots of hair - lots of hovering I can Hoover twice a day & the floor won't look like it. I am a clean person I freak out at too much mess I just can't relax & with so many people here it's tough to keep on top of it. Mum & me are the two main people in the house at cooking & cleaning we help each other out I think we have a good balance mum works long stressful hours too so I am the main adult at home most of the time. I feel like this is home now. I feel happy to be here & I know I would miss living here when the time comes. Since having the babies I need & want family around me so much more. Birthdays & Christmas' are fabulous presents & craziness everywhere!
I am a strong believer everything happens for a reason & truth be told if we still lived near London i would without a doubt be very depressed have no money & no friends or family near or around me, this was the best thing we could of done & however long we stay here for I'm happy.

The 7 of us live here Home sweet Home


  1. I love this house :)Sometimes craziness is the best thing! Sometimes wish I ha more people around me :) xxx

  2. i agree i love craziness & love everyone being around. nice when Mics on a late i dont have to eat dinner on my own, you must come over one day :) have a picnic in the field xxx

  3. I love this , me and Liam also lived with my parents for 3 years until we moved out , and that was also a mad house with my sister her boyfriend and my nephew to!, we also loved it and only got a mortgage last year when we found out i was pregnant, I still now spend most my time at my mum and dads , and come home when liam finishes work , ( I hate being home alone)! xx

  4. Yeah I think I would be the same I want to stay close to my parents now as I do love being here I love the craziness of our family nothing is ever "normal" & "boring" :) xxx

  5. I'd love too!!!! Summer hols :) :) xxxx

    1. Yes yes you must :) we will then come up to you for Bs party :) x

  6. I lived at my dads for a long time when Riley was first born was a 400 year old cottage in the country too i loved it....look a bit like this actually xx

  7. My mum really wanted me and danny to say at home but we wanted to move into our own house and do up the nursery ect, weve been here nearly a year and i still go to stay at my mums 1 or 2 times a week as i love the big family home :) xx

  8. I was the same after I had Emilyn desperate to get our own place it's made me appriecate the family home so much more :) xxx



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