Underground, Overground, Busses & the Olympics in a Toddlers eyes

Friday Night Mummy told me i had to go to bed Early as we where going on a Train the next day & had to get up early!
I was so excited i love Trians TOOT TOOT! i can't remeber ever going on one, I have been told that i have been on a train a few times when i was a Monsoon Model but i was too young to remeber, so i was Uber excited about the train on saturday!
I woke up nice and early for mummy & daddy i like to wake when the sun comes up around 5 am at the moment, Mummy & daddy are less than impressed daddy tells me its too early.
We had breakfast & lots of rushing around before getting into mummys car to go to the Train station.
Waiting for the Train on the platform was so exciting one train went past really really fast but then it was our train & i got to sit down next to mummy,

i noticed straight away we didnt have seat belts to use like we do in mummies car or a carseat.. I was quite disappointed by that, the reason we where mainly going to London was to collect Daddy's uniform as he's volunteering at the Olympics,
I was so shocked at how many different trains we needed to get on so many lots of different ones different shapes & colours!
Mummy didn't want to take us on the underground but we needed to.. It was quite fun but boring to see outside it was all black. Daddy said we where in a big tunnel.
We got stuck at one station & we had to use a buss I had never been on a buss either so this was great! But very very busy & I think time was running out for us to get to West Ham for the Olympics. We had to go backwards & forwards this train that train underground train this buss & then a lot of walking ! One train even went off without us on it! I kept shouting "stop train come back come back train!!!" he didn't listen & do we had to wait a few minutes for another one.

We got there just in the nick of time but we where not allowed in with Daddy. However as Hugo & I are classed as babies ( I don't know why they kept calling me a baby I am not I am potty trained & I don't have a dummy) but hey ho we got to go in their staff room! It was great! Me & Hugo loved the little Olympic toys they where lovely I kept shaking hands with them & asking "have you had a good day?" but they didn't respond.

We had been waiting a while I no this as mummy had got her self a cup of coffee & I had made myself at home with a Olympics magazine on the side when another mummy & her two boys came in I was so relieved as I was getting a bit bored.

I had a great time running with the little boy I like boys mummy calls me a flirt! Whatever that means...
A nice man gave me & the boy some paper & pens to colour whilst waiting for daddy, mummy said we had been waiting over an hour..
Ooo & I needed a wee wee so got to check the toilets out! This is a must wherever we go that the toilets must be inspected & must be nice & clean I have seen some shockers... Mc Donald's was one it was gross I will not be going back there again.
Sorry getting side tracked telling you my love for public toilets ewww yuck!
After about 2 hours daddy appeared & we then got to go back on a train! We decided to go to London Victoria to get some lunch a late lunch I must add almost dinner I would say!
We had to go back on the underground these 3 women kept me amused we started making funny faces to each other & I kept giggling. The underground wasn't so scary apart from the busyness there was a lot of people everywhere!
Once we got to Victoria we grabbed a bite to eat I was starving so I ate mine really fast!
I then needed a weewee mummy asked if I really really needed to go as it was 30pence it cost money's to go for a wee! I was shocked. But the nice man allowed me to go through for free because once again I was a baby! Now this has got to stop! We then got to get on our last train of the day & headed home.

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