Why Mummy? Why why why?

So its started the "Why" Game..
I so thought i had skipped this phase.
its the dreaded phase all toddlers seem to go through!?
"Emilyn please dont jump on the sofa"...." Why Mummy?"
"Because its dangerous & naughty Emilyn"...."Ok but Why?"
"Emilyn be careful of Hugo you will squash him."...."Why?"
"Because you will squash him!".... "WHY?"
Give me stregth! I honestly thought i was lucky enough not to need to explain myself to Emilyn so much.
its the classic " Darling  please stop licking the window..."
"Why Mummy?"
"because of germs..."
"germs?" *looking at window for germs*
"yes Emilyn germs"
"oh ok hello germs...." *lick*
I give up! ....

Emilyn climbing on her toys "Emilyn would you get down its dangerous."
"Emilyn can you clean your teeth?"
"why why why why why..."
This is my daily battle....
The "Why" Battle!....

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