Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Rainy Day

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfollower & Mumofthreeboys for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.
Today we have been making pizzas & we popped out to the Supermarket where Emilyn decided she needed a hot & wellies.

Clothes : Today

So Emilyn is wearing
Top - Gap Owl Top previously worn on Trendy toddler Tuesday Double Whammy blog post
Cardigan - Joules
Trousers - Marks & Spenser's adjustable waist Leggings
Shoes - Hunter Wellies
Apron : specially made with Emilyn & a cupcake on - a present from Flamingo storm Blogspot
Hair - a sun hat from ROYS  in Norfolk 

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Mocking Clubfoot - Eastenders?

Hugo 2 days old with Bilateral Talipes.

So what do you think of when someone says this word: Clubfoot?

A lot of people think this : 

A person wearing huge "Ugly" boots for there whole life.
I feel the population has a varied view of this word. Some people even feel the need to mock it. To take the Mickey of the word. do these people even know what a clubfoot is?

Or do the people who mock the word feel it is acceptable to do so? So ignorant they do not care who they affect when talking about it?

I was astounded, annoyed, upset, a whole mix of emotions when i heard & watched a recent Television
Programme (Eastenders) watch from 26:40 
I as a mother almost cried for my son. As if life won’t be hard enough for him, that he will have to contend with Programmes mocking clubfoot.
if you can’t get on to Iplayer to watch the clip - it was when they were on the tube and were talking about the football match it’s what started the fight as Max Branning said something like Derek was useless because he had a clubfoot and he argued that he didn't he had fallen arches and then jack joined in mocking him and then they started fighting like it was something to be embarrassed about, I personally dislike the word clubfoot, i feel it is a non-politically correct term to use these days, i personally feel it is a very derogatory term to use,

In my eyes it’s like the use of the word "Spastic" would you use this word? No. Because it is wrong to.

The Writing for This programme is supposedly meant to be very pc and promote disabilities/disfigurements, but didn't seem it from that peace of writing.

My Talipes group made me aware of this "Hick up" in Easteneders & most of my 40+ members have written formal Complaints to the BBC.
I am just glad my Son is not old enough to understand or watch Eastenders.

He will be very aware of his Talipes as  I will explain to him as he grows up, i couldn’t bare to think how he would of reacted if he was a teenager watching it,

i think if he was old enough he would of probably of thought he was an Oddball & he should be embarrassed of being born with Bilateral Talipes???

Wrong Wrong Wrong!

The whole Stigma behind & around Clubfoot is just wrong, people seem to think it’s OK to take the piss out of it?

one example someone has recently asked "if anyone knew where to buy Trainers that didn’t make her feet look like she had Clubfoot," i found that very insensitive again making out it’s the worst thing in the world to have?! She knew my son has Talipes.

i know that when people ask me what’s wrong with Hugo's feet & i say he has Talipes they look confused & have to ask "Oh what’s that?" to which i answer "Clubfoot" just so they understand.

I’ve even had some people say "Oh like Forrest Gump" now i haven’t watched Forrest Gump so i have no understanding of the "Run Forrest Run" bit.

Do i take offence to this? Well yes i do. Of course i do, this is my son you are comparing to a film.

Either way I am incredibly proud of my son. yes he was born with Bilateral Talipes, Yes when i found out at my 20 week scan I was devasted. I thought it was the worst thing in the world. I thought it as "My son won’t be perfect" but oh my god how lucky am i? I have been given this chance to go through all of this, the experience & things i have learnt through my son amazes me daily.
The people i have met the friends i have made just because my son has Talipes.

I will be writing a full complaint to the BBC about Eastenders i really do think it is disgusting the way they made out Clubfoot was the most horrific worst thing in the world.

The writers should be very ashamed of themselves!

So to the writers of Eastenders should i feel Embarrassed my son has clubfeet?
Would you realise Hugo has got to wear Boots & Bar 14 hours a day with these perfect feet!?


How beautiful have the last few days been the sun makes me so much happier. Nothing beats clear sky's the sun shining the babies playing in the garden.
With all the rubbish weather we had, I felt so down & wanted to jump on a plane to a hot country, but Hubby couldn't just take time off & Emilyn was at school. I'm so glad we've got some nice weather although it probably won't last too long.
The children & I are up in Norfolk this week staying with my grandparents. I love it up here it's a small escape from the real world, I have many childhood memories from this house & village. I hadn't meant to babble on in thus blog. I am supposed to be telling you that I finally feel happy. I finally feel at ease with Hugo's Talipes with his feet with his boots & bar.
It's the most bizarre feeling like a weight has been lifted. My "hatred" & jealously towards normal babies gone. I have seen the love for them that although life can be tough at times with them, how i dread 6pm every night when he has got to have them put on. Whilst he rolls giggling or kicks & screams his head off. The boots have got to go on.
I am beyond proud for my son, he has made me a completely different person it's the hardest thing to explain & I know in a weeks time I may feel different but for me this is a huge step I've taken. I don't resent putting his boots on anymore. The past 6 months has totally been a whirl wind journey nothing in my wildest dreams could of come close to what I've been through. It's just a lovely feeling to feel positive about his boots. I've conquered 1 hurdle. I know I know I will tackle lots of different hurdles over the coming months/years. We are at the moment tackling the Milk intolerance its a long old road but I know I'll pull through. I've got to. I am a mummy & have two little people expecting huge things from me.
As I watch my sleeping children this evening I am pretty proud of what my husband & I have made.
I feel like I've reached Holland. Now you will only understand this statement if you have been reading my blog. I will ad a link when I'm back home as I'm on my iPhone & I've no idea how to link from here.
Life could be worse. I am incredibly blessed & lucky to have my little family.
link - This is holland

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Its Holiday Time

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfollower for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.

Its Holiday day for us today! So a 5 hour or so car trip up to Norfolk to spend the week with our Family.
Clothes :
So Emilyn is wearing Top - NEXT
Trousers - NEXT Sale item Love them!
Shoes - Vivienne Westwood Melissa Jelly's
Hair Clips - Monsoon

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At the school gates

So its a terrifying time when your child starts preschool/school or any new school really... its rarely brought up how scary it is for the mother to meet new Mums in the playground,
your having to stand around with your child in the mornings & then stand around on your own in the afternoons!
now this didn't cross my mind until the morning of Emilyn starting school. i don't know any mums in my area as we relocated from Epsom, London. The sudden realisation that in fact i have got to try my hardest to make small talk with these ladies i no nothing about?
I mean lucky for me I have Hugo the baby in the buggy so a reasonably easy way to start a conversation especially with other mums with babies " aw he/she is adorable how old?" then the conversation gets flowing...
but for the new mums with no baby with them to make conversations easier it must be so much harder for some.
say you are lacking in confidence you walk into the playground the group of mums all know each other, what on earth do you do, if they all ignore you? just stand there twiddling your fingers?
looking awkward? start up a conversation? what do you say?
"So do you work?" "How old is your Little one?"
I would be stumped!
the school runs could be the most awful time for you? you could dread dropping & collecting off your child at school.
i mean mums can be as bitchy as any one else!
I really feel i have been super lucky to have such lovely mums & children at Emilyns preschool. the first few days i admit where awkward, the days i drop Emilyn off exhausted with being up with Hugo all night & i really don't like talking to any one, but the mums make me feel wanted & i walk away from school happier.
on the way to the farm on the school coach
we went to a farm with school this week. it was a lovely way to bond with other mums. i met lots of different mums as Emilyn only goes two days a week,
we really had a lovely day.
I am also so we are planning to send Emilyn to the local school so i will already know most the mums.

tired out after a long day at the farm
going down a big slide
feeding the sheep

A baby no more

Emilyn has finalised the last stage of being a baby.
I know we are way behind most people. Most people i know put their child into a Big bed by the age of 2. For me Emilyn just wasn't ready & her journey from Baby to child has been guided completely by Her.
we stopped Bottles by 12 months, Nappies & Dummy by 2 years 8months, & now a big girl bed by 2 years 10 months. I'm happy shes happy but i cant help but feel still she is growing up far too quickly for my liking! 
I am Gutted to say the least. she is 2 years 10 months old & finally out of her cot.
How do I feel about this ? Awful. Her cot was her safety zone. she couldn't climb out, she would have naps normally with a small tantrum unless she was major tired but she had no choice but to stay in her cot!
this past week I put her down for her nap, she was protesting like usual & instead of going to sleep. she climbed out of bed & pitta pattered down stairs with the brightest Beam on her face! I put her back several times each time she just proudly came back downstairs. so i gave up. I then that night took the side off her cot.
i wasn't looking forwards to putting her to bed but she was fabulous the first night & the second night. then she had a small tantrum the following night but calmed quickly, Her actual night time sleep is great she hasn't woken up all week where as before she would ask for her dummy *that she hasn't got any more or needing a wee, or just waking up for no reason.
We had bought her a Hello Kitty bed last year but she decided she wanted to stay in her cot. so I've stored the hello kitty bed under our bed. I showed it to her last week, her response " no thank you mummy could i have a Peppa Pig bed please" no pleasing her! at least she was polite about it.
so i think whilst she is happy with her cot bed having the side off i wont upset her by putting up her Hello Kitty bed.
so my baby girl is no longer a baby. 

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Siblings

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfollower for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.

Today Emilyn & Hugo are recovering from a horrid Sickness bug so have been housebound a few days, But today we had to pop to her Preschool & to the shops, We all enjoyed being out the house especially as the sun is shining!

Clothes :  This Morning

So Emilyn is wearing
Top - Marks & Spencers *I think it has a hint of Monsoon to it.
Trousers - Marks & Spenser's adjustable waist Leggings
Shoes -Monsoon Wellies
Hair Clips - Monsoon
Hugo is Wearing a GAP Romper * not that you can see.
This afternoon Emilyn & Hugo had to get changed Hugo had a erm... Nappy Explosion so i put him into a top & joggers. So Emilyn automatically wants her "Snap" top on too. 
Clothes : This Afternoon 
So Emilyn is wearing Top - H&M Rolling Stones Tee
Trousers - Marks & Spenser's adjustable waist Leggings
Shoes - NEXT Socks

Hair Clips - Monsoon

& Hugo is Wearing
Top - H&M Rolling Stones Tee
Trousers - Tesco Joggers
Shoes - None he wears his BnB all night so i refuse to allow shoes/boots/pram shoes on him

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Feeling Selfish

If you follow my blog you would of read A Tooth from Breast to Bottle well i few days later I started to really miss Breastfeeding, thisfeeling is so bizarre for me as i could not wait to finished breastfeedingEmilyn & get her on to bottle i felt a whole lot better once she was takingfrom a bottle, but when i thought "This is it" I hated it, the reasonI stopped fully feeding Hugo is because he bit me, he bit me extremely hard.

He also refused bottle totally so getting him on to bottlewas hard enough I never felt comfortable leaving Hugo with any one for longerthan 2 hours as he wouldn’t take a bottle so would just scream,

Fortunately he managed to take the bottle within the firstday, i stopped feeding him, this massive feel of guilty over run my body &mind constantly, he didn’t look like he enjoyed the bottle, now I’m not sayingthis to get slated I’m saying this to how i personally feel & i didn’t feellike this with Emilyn, but i really missed the closeness & bonding i gotfrom breastfeeding, I just didn’t feel it from the bottle, so after 3 days ofno feeding & full 3 nights sleeps, I decided to start feeding him at nightsmyself. i actually went to sleep & i looked forwards to him waking up so icould feel our bond again.

so i have been combined feeding for over a week now. He hasnow decided to regress backwards & wake up a crazy amount of times a nightagain. I think for boob as it’s his comfort.  Last night I decided to give him Formula whenhe woke at 11pm instead of boob & then he slept through till almost 5amwhen i breastfed him. I will carry on like this & see how it goes.

I am just not ready to fully stop feeding him. I neverthought i would love it as much as i am especially after how much i dislikedbreastfeeding Emilyn & if anything she was easier as i co slept with her soshe fed whilst i just lay there. I really can’t do that with Hugo in his Boots& Bar, I end up getting kicked in the face by them & i can safely saythat really hurts!

Nights are long the days are short. But i wouldn’t have itany other way. I’m a mum of two, with border line M.E I’m supposed to betired... or zombiefied! 

Am I being over the top feeling so much strain to keep breastfeeding him or am i normal? 

Whats on my bedside table??


I was tagged in this Fabulous little Blog by Ella Honeys Mummy Blogspot as she had been moaning to her Hubby about how life *her bedside table has changed since having babies.
This is what is on my bedside table, 
It doesn't look much like it used to. before i had children i had a lamp, a book, lipgloss, water & that was about it, now its this cluttered mess of chaos.
But Since the children have arrived it now consists of 
  • Breast Pads
  • nappies & Wipes
  • Sudocrem, Infacol, teething gel, teething powder, Calpol & Gripe Water.
  • Hugo's Boots & Bar whilst he is not wearing them.
  • My notepad *Things To do now we are Married Mr & Mrs Harding
  • AngelCare sensor pad Monitor.
  • the Remote for the Cot Mobile
  • lots of spare muslin's in the box too
  • A few of my Barry M Nail Varnishes
  • my St Tropez gradual tan
  • Inhalers
  • Bottle of M&S still Berry water
  • My book *yes it is the notorious 50 Shades of Grey!
  • My Pandora Bracelets
  • & my Pill * I do not want any more babies!

    that is about it!
The fabulous Mrs Jones at Keeping Up With The Joneses and Ella at Honey'smummy are twinning this link so don't forget to check out what's on their bedside table here & here

Trendy Toddler Tuesday - Double Whammy

OK Before i start I would like to say thank you to Mum of Three Boys for hosting this fabulous link whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile. Lucky Thing.
I have to admit I have been slacking. the real world has taken over. who would of thought having a almost 3 year old & 6 month old would take up all of your time? Ha! I am the busiest Bumble Bee ever at the moment!
So this is a Trendy Toddler Tuesday from the past 2 weeks! Starting from last week, Emilyn & I had a Lovely Busy Baking day. We Baked Cakes, Cheese Straws & Bread. 
Whilst Hugo was Fantastic & Slept or Watched Happily! *Yeah Right! he was very good but needed to be kept amused a few times.
Clothes :  Week 1.

So Emilyn is wearing Top - Next the Buy 2 for £8 Very Bright makes us feel a little more summery!
Trousers - Marks & Spenser's adjustable waist Leggings
Shoes - Bare Feet
Hair Clips - Monsoon & Tesco

Hugo is in his Mothercare Zebra Romper & a sheep Bib.

Today Emilyn has had a BusyBee day too! Started off at Rhyme Time, Hugo & Emilyn Loved it & sang lots of songs. Then went to the Toy Library & got some new toys for the Summer Holidays, & finally she went to her Friends house for the afternoon.

Clothes : Week 2.

So Emilyn is wearing Top - Baby GAP *Bargain off eBay
Trousers - Ted Baker
                                                                   Shoes - UGGs
                                                         Hair Clips - no clips French Plait.

Take a look at The Lovely Lady Jenny who got me into Trendy Toddler Tuesday's Blog Here
& Of course go seeMumofthreeboys who is Kindly hosting this Link whilst  Very Busy Mama who Normally Hosts this Fabulous Trendy Toddler Tuesday is on her Holidays.

Some Odd Goings on...

Whether you believe or not, i don't really mind, But if you don't believe i would like to hear your explanation on my odd goings on.
for years now i have been able to see ghosts. no I'm not a loon, or a physic being. *well i may be but i don't think its my calling just yet.
the last few weeks odd things have been happening in my house, chairs moving before my eyes, place mats falling off the table. both times no child or animal or anything in fact was close to either things.
Just now Emilyn hugged Hugo a little bit too hard, he cried & got quite distressed, i popped into the kitchen to get his dinner, the next thing the chair had fallen on to Emilyn, she had not touched the chair, & it had fallen on to her back, no explanation to these?
Years & years ago when i lived here as a child, i used to see a small child, shes a little monkey, hiding things in the house, you know that saying "why can you never find things when you need them?" she would if taken them. at 14 years old my phone disappeared for weeks! it then magically appeared one day.
our books that we are reading & we leave next to our beds the saved pages get changed. this has happened on more than one occasion to my books & my Mothers.
then small things like knocking on the door or the doorbell going off. *Its not an electric doorbell*

Then there is just that Uneasy feeling like your constantly being watched. specially at night times when I'm up with the baby, it oddly has never really creeped me out i suppose I've just got used to it,

A Tooth - Breast to Bottle

Hugo surprised us last week on the 27th June 2012 to be precise,to a lovely New Tooth his first lovely tooth!

after telling people a lot of their responses where "awamazing his first tooth, no more breastfeeding for you"

i kind of thought we will be ok he very rarely bites me anyway so will just see how we go.

well yesterday morning only 3 days after finding his tooth, wewere having a lovely feed he then bit me, not too hard but i told him off &put him on the other one, moments later he clamps his little mouth down so hardhe breaks skin! i am in shock, tears, pain! a lot of Pain!

i tried to get him off but he had locked his mouth, such acheeky monkey! The pain was unbearable!

Once i managed to get him off me, in shock still my brainjust clicked, right Hugo we are off to Buy Bottles & Formula for you! He’sa few days away from being 6 months, i think I’ve done well, i fed Emilyn tilljust over 5 months & she didn’t even have teeth, i stopped just because ofher gummy bites!

So im proud of what i have achieved, for the last few weeksi have been going round in circles with breast? Bottles? Breast? Bottles?

So it’s quite nice to of made my mind up!

So off to the shops i go.

First off Bottles HOW EXPENSIVE! ... Second off Formula HOWEXPENSIVE!

I stupidly bought "newborn" formula instead of"Follow on milk" when Follow on milk is slightly cheaper & was onafter. A Head banging "Doh" moment!

i feel like a complete First Time Mum, I had no work up toget him on to bottles & he will only take MAM bottles,  which is fine, it’s not like i was given aload of Avent ones brand new or anything,


& i think i need more than 2 bottles? yes i think i do,i totally cannot remember anything about bottles & Emilyn!

eeek! i feel terrified about the whole thing, breast seemsso easy! Although Hugo drinks his bottle within minutes so this will save metime in the day, give me more playing time with Emilyn.

i know in a few weeks i will be a pro at the bottles, it’sjust getting into routine, i never managed to get into a full routine withBreastfeeding, especially at night times, every night i would be up at least3-4 times max 9-10 times or more!

I’m happy report Hugo had his last Bottle at 9pm last night& then woke at 5:45am... then had his bottle at 6am!

I’m amazed! I’m now classing Formula as"MagicMilk"... he has got to have his milk Warm though, Emilyn onlyhad it cold/room temperature, so this again is all so new to me,

I’m just so glad he has taken to the bottle so well he haspoint blankly refused it previously,


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