How beautiful have the last few days been the sun makes me so much happier. Nothing beats clear sky's the sun shining the babies playing in the garden.
With all the rubbish weather we had, I felt so down & wanted to jump on a plane to a hot country, but Hubby couldn't just take time off & Emilyn was at school. I'm so glad we've got some nice weather although it probably won't last too long.
The children & I are up in Norfolk this week staying with my grandparents. I love it up here it's a small escape from the real world, I have many childhood memories from this house & village. I hadn't meant to babble on in thus blog. I am supposed to be telling you that I finally feel happy. I finally feel at ease with Hugo's Talipes with his feet with his boots & bar.
It's the most bizarre feeling like a weight has been lifted. My "hatred" & jealously towards normal babies gone. I have seen the love for them that although life can be tough at times with them, how i dread 6pm every night when he has got to have them put on. Whilst he rolls giggling or kicks & screams his head off. The boots have got to go on.
I am beyond proud for my son, he has made me a completely different person it's the hardest thing to explain & I know in a weeks time I may feel different but for me this is a huge step I've taken. I don't resent putting his boots on anymore. The past 6 months has totally been a whirl wind journey nothing in my wildest dreams could of come close to what I've been through. It's just a lovely feeling to feel positive about his boots. I've conquered 1 hurdle. I know I know I will tackle lots of different hurdles over the coming months/years. We are at the moment tackling the Milk intolerance its a long old road but I know I'll pull through. I've got to. I am a mummy & have two little people expecting huge things from me.
As I watch my sleeping children this evening I am pretty proud of what my husband & I have made.
I feel like I've reached Holland. Now you will only understand this statement if you have been reading my blog. I will ad a link when I'm back home as I'm on my iPhone & I've no idea how to link from here.
Life could be worse. I am incredibly blessed & lucky to have my little family.
link - This is holland


  1. This is a lovely post to read. A friend of mines sister had a baby boy last week with talipes and i've directed her to your blog x

  2. Thank you honey. It's lovely being able to write a happy blog. The talipes world is amazing tell her we have a Talipes Facebook group too called happy feet talipes xxx

  3. You've done such an amazing job, must have been incredibly hard seeing your little one go through this. You're an inspiration xxxx

    1. thank you sweet. its lovely to feel happy & relaxed after all this time of worry & stress xxx :)



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