Over the past Month or so I have left friends & twitter followers in suspense over cryptic tweets & images.
Well it all came out last night!
I am now a proud owner of a Candy Cart 'Emilyn's Candy Cart'
Ok so your all thinking i have gone stir crazy ... I think I have a little bit.
The reason i now have a 5ft candy cart sitting in my house is all because i wanted to Hire one for the children's Party but at £300 for 3 hours... i was like this is crazy lets just buy one! for quite a bit more money... But i saw a Business opportunity I have been on the look out for something different something 'me' I fell in love with this idea of owning a fleet of Candy Carts!
so here i am a new up & coming business mummy.
its all quite scary the website i need to set up, the business cards i need to order, the events i need to get booked, the wedding fayres i need to book up & attend.
This is not a easy business set up I am just jumping into. i am however extremely excited & passionate about it already,
I am putting my all in to this & have my fingers crossed it all goes to plan. I want to buy a smaller cart for children to match.
I will be sure to keep you all updated on my progress...

Babies, Boobs, Bums and Tums

Is this a Taboo subject for me to bring up?
Do women truly go in to having babies thinking their body will stay the same as pre pregnancy?
& if you get through your pregnancy stretch mark free keeping your pert breasts & un motherly hips... are you a superhero or a celebrity with more money than sense?
You may be reading this thinking "what does she know, she's a skinny thing"
I've had two beautiful children & believe me my Body has suffered, I may not of struggled to lose my baby weight but just having babies changes your body in ways you can't imagine.

I had always wanted children but honestly the thought of my body being covered in stretch marks, saggy skin, no breasts & all the other things that can be pregnancy related i knew at that time of my life i just wasn't ready for them. I was only a teenager so i think its all relative.
As a 13 year old i started battling with my 'puppy fat' as i had been diagnosed with Glandular Fever & M.E later on my glands were always inflamed so Ice-cream was my firm favourite for breakfast, lunch & dinner. My face was also extremely puffy so made me look chubby.
I took to dieting, got more & more in to Modelling so the pressure was on to stay fit, healthy & thin.
I would work out at the gym 3-4 times a week & I got to my goal weight & my ideal figure.
I fell pregnant with Emilyn at 18 years old, I was mixed with emotions but over the moon to be having a baby & i was accepting from the on set that i would get stretch marks & whatever else change wise that would happen to my body i would just have to get used to it,
I used Bio Oil twice daily from 13 weeks & by 41 weeks pregnant i had put on 3 stone & i had a hand full of stretch marks. I wasn't upset by them & knew they would fade.
I must admit the after birth tummy scared the beejeebies out of me, i still looked 20 weeks pregnant! I really dislike looking back at at my first photos with Emilyn & I was big, pale, & looked exhausted after a 20+ hour labour.
I am very lucky to say i had my figure back within weeks, it took time to get used to my 'new' body my Hips had changed shape & i lived in my maternity leggings for the first month, I had to change my whole wardrobe to fit my new shape, I am not one for the gym any more & just took to looking after Emilyn, I believe that breastfeeding really helped me shift my baby weight by 6 months i was happy with my Body but as i then stopped breastfeeding the outcome became hard for my head to get around, I am used to having pert 32E breasts. whilst feeding i went up to a 34H then down to a 32D *this may not sound small to you but they were lifeless, no decent bra would make them look nice, it was like having a body of a 20 year old & breasts of a saggy old lady... But as i am me i learnt to live with them & love my body even if it took a while. its the sacrifice i made when i decided to have a baby.
18 Months after having Emilyn, My breasts had regained life, they looked normal again healthier fuller & the saggy-ness had gone, I was now even happier & more confident with my body.
We then decided or should i say my Body decided to fall pregnant with another baby.
They say it takes 18 months for your body inside & out to get back to normal after having a baby... so i suppose now is the right time.
my tummy muscles were better but not as good as they were pre pregnancy, I started showing really quickly by 12 weeks i was huge.
I again expected more stretch marks & the rest of the who ha pregnancy had to offer.
well again by 40 weeks i was huge more huge than  got with Emilyn, & more stretch marks. I again put on 3 stone, 2 stone was lost after literally having him, he was almost 9lbs & there was a lot of water placenta ect ect...
This time though i wanted to look back at my photos in hospital with a smile on my face. So i made sure i Fake Baked, had my nails done & my hair, I prefer these photos so much more & i can proudly show other people them.
I again have been lucky enough to get my figure back quickly, i Breastfed again till 7 months this time.
Hugo is 7 months 3 weeks old at the moment, My hips are even more 'motherly' & they refuse to fit back into my old size 8 jeans! what a waste of hundreds of pounds just sitting under my bed. i refuse to try them on now & i have adjusted to the idea that my trousers must be bought in a size 10... I again am happy with this but it has taken a while to get used to.
I don't Diet, i can't Diet, i get too tempted with food. I blame myself i bake too much! I haven't really done any exercise although i crave it i just haven't got the time, perhaps once summer holidays are over.
there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, is there?
I try to take pride in my appearance, My children don't suffer so there is no harm in my eyes.
Ok so here we are 7 months down the line... one thing i can say i am struggling to get used to is loose tummy skin... its fine whilst i am standing up, but its there ! & i can't shift it, i have got back to my goal weight without lifting a finger. the last 4 lbs dropped off after i had finished breastfeeding... i had a few days of ' mourning the loss of my H size breasts' but they seem in much better condition than they did after i had Emilyn, defiantly not too deflating & saggy tea bags like.
I wear bikinis/tankinis/swimsuits to the swimming pool/beach & whilst on holiday.
I have had two children, I am 22 years old. what are people going to say? 'Put your saggy stretch-marked tummy away'? ha i would laugh if they did, mindless idiots would come to mind! ...
I want to Tunisa on my Honeymoon last year i lived in Bikini's the whole 2 weeks we were out there.

I think Im lucky that i have come to terms with the change of my body so well. But I am so blessed to have my babies & the changes to my body are all signs that i have carried my children for 9 + months
I have my wonderful Husband who loves me for me, loves me being pregnant or not & loves all my imperfections that now male me perfect.
But I am done having babies. not just because of my poor body but me energy levels my sanity & money.

It is a Mind over matter problem, You need to re learn to love your 'new body' & believe every single one of you are Beautiful, however much your body has taken a hit with growing a baby in your tummy.

its a Cake & Coffee kind of day.

Who is with me ? How was your nights sleep? 

This saying, "sleeping like a baby"...I don't get it? anyone like to explain this to me? Both my babies have slept erm badly. like Normal Babies? 
well with both of my two, they have always slept like babies, up down up down all night, I even 3 years down the line get up with Emilyn a handful of times a week.  she unfortunately is already going through bad dreams fortunately we have only had a handful of night terrors in her whole life, if you haven't experienced them they are awful, i can never calm her down. most nights though she just wakes shouts out for me "mummy, mummy where are you". type thing then i go in ask whats wrong give her a cuddle explain its still night time & to go back to sleep. to which she responds "night night mummy, love you sweet dreams..."*blows me a kiss & back to sleep. some nights though this can happen a few times, exhausting mixed with a Baby waking every few hours.
I must admit something, i was totally spoilt whilst he was a newborn & i thanked my lucky stars. I thought "this is good, I've had no sleep for the past 3 years & now my new baby is sleeping well." well as well as a new born could. he never slept through but with breastfeeding & some nights only feeding him once or twice, i think i was pretty lucky. especially as he had Casts on both legs from 5 days old to contend with. He was a little soldier in my eyes. He could do no wrong. Even when at 5 weeks old he had his first night of Boots & bars "How Boots And Bar has Changed our life" & i had literally no sleep for 3 nights, not once did i get mad or grumpy at Hugo. i felt very upset & sad that this was happening to my boy, but this is just something i had to go through, something that if we didn't go though he would not be able to walk. 
Roll on a few months & Hugo is 7 months 2 weeks old... & his sleeping has not improved a whole deal. well much better than he was in his first 3 nights of BnB but he still wakes more than 3-4 times a night. I refuse to go down the CC (Controlled Crying route) I did however use CC with Emilyn & it did work, 3 nights & she slept through. Hugo just seems like a baby baby still, he is crying for a reason,  Hungry, Wind, Hot, Cold, Dirty nappy or Teething. 
the dreaded Teething!... oh how i forgot just HOW BAD it can be, i now get flash backs of Emilyn teething at her worst, screaming in pain with no amount of cuddles or calpol to calm her down. 
Well i feel i am getting to the stage of Terrible teething with Hugo & i feel this might be worse, I can't even explain how heavy he is with his Boots & Bar on, My Mummy friends with babies with Talipes will know exactly what im talking about. but other mums think to when your baby is having a Painful teething Tantrum & throw into the mix a metal bar & heavy Boots. I literally struggle to hold him, he's like a squirming piglet that i am trying to hold. *i don't mean to compare Hugo with a Pig. 
Just trying to get the image into your head. Trying to get Calpol in to him is a whole other story. the mess he makes... i have even tried putting it in to his night time bottle, but guess what he leaves half of it! 
so where have we got - Hugo has never been a great sleeper well he was until he had to wear his BnB, But i am not blaming them as this could of just mixed into his teething.... perhaps.
He is a baby. they are not meant to sleep well. 
Do i get a tang of jealousy when Mothers say "oh is he not sleeping through yet? X has been sleeping through for months now" yes i do get a little jealous i am however going to cling on to the hope that my  children may be horrendous sleeper now but they will grasp the sleeping all night thing one day. I am also looking forwards to having them as teenagers who never seem to sleep at night but will then sleep all day, to get my own back on them... Hoovering at 7am. I can defiantly do that! Watch out babies i suggest you start to sleep or you'll be very annoyed teenagers ! 

So I want to know who on earth thought of the term "I slept like a baby" like seriously did this persons baby sleep all the time? 
when i say "I've slept like a baby" generally means I've had a shocker of a night.
The silly thing is, even When Hugo sleeps a good night, i am awoken to his constant Boot bashing on the mattress or Bar banging on the cot... he rolls side to side all night, i know he is struggling to get comfy, but his boots are all he knows for night times, although he does nap in the afternoon without, so he does know there is a life without them.

How i am still functioning as a Mummy, house cleaner, cook, wife, maid, you say it its me. 
and We never get a DAY OFF i need a day off but if i did... guess what i would think/talk/worry about... yes my Babies. So i wouldn't even appreicate a break away.
I would say roll on the next few months but i am no way wishing away any more of Hugo & Emilyn's life i regret wishing away the 12 weeks he had in full time BnB. 
I will just get up & get on with my day like normal. 

Isn't it amazing how at peace they look, I love watching them sleep.

Take a look at this Blog : 

Adults - What do they know - through the eyes of a Toddler

I've sneaked on Mummy's laptop again, she is busy with my Baby brother Gogo.
Mummy keeps telling me to behave or i am to go to bed, she says she is tired. why or how can she be tired, she's up all night with Hugo & I then she drinks coffee all day whilst i play (torment) Gogo, i had to add the word torment as this is what she says i do. he can be happily playing on is own but i want to play with him so i poke him or throw a toy in his direction. Mum says that I'm naughty for doing so. i say i am being a good Big sister!
Hugo is getting a little bit more fun recently he rolls & can sit for short amounts of time, well until i push him over. this is what being a big sister is all about isn't it?
we are a tag team as Mum calls it, Hugo is mean to me too. he grabs chunks of my hair out. again mum says its my fault! he shouldn't Pull hair! i say to him "Gogo no pull hair, no Gogo no" but he never listens.
He will always be MY BABY Brother so he should listen to what i say! Mum keeps asking me "Who's Boss Emilyn?" i think she is trying to get at the fact that i am slowly running the house.
we have had a good day today we made Cake pops & then went to the shop I run in front of an old grandpa looking man he then proceeded to shout at me, Mum had to apologise for my behaviour? i do not get why old people get so grumpy, i am a child i have lots & lots of energy to burn.
Everything is so funny too, even when Mummy tells me off or asks me to go on the naughty step i laugh she makes me giggle. i think its her funny angry face, but don't tell her i said this,
I think Mum is stumped with me at the moment i mean she would normally get a break when i go to preschool, i miss school, we drive past it almost everyday. i long to be there & tell mum every time we drive past that "thats Emily's school mummy" when will this Summer Holiday be over?
i think daddy is talking about a holiday once he's finished at the Paraolymipics, i just want to get back to school. But i suppose a holiday would be fun if i get to go swimming everyday!
sorry lost track there... so today Mummy tells me she is tired blah blah blah & has a headache well i don't like mummy being poorly but she isn't really allowed to be is she? we had Daddy poorly yesterday so Mummy had to look after all of us. maybe that is why she isn't feeling very well today.
she keeps putting Films on I'm quite happy to watch them although i really want to watch Cars! but we don't have it & it isn't on Sky.
I've learnt a new saying. "what are you doing?" i like to say it a lot, mum says i am very inquisitive. I'm not sure what that word means but she says it & its big so makes me look intelligent,
Bed times well Gogo goes to bed way before me, because i am older i get the older bedtime. i don't like bedtime though. I enjoy mum reading 4 books to me, i enjoy having lots of toys with me but i hate cleaning my teeth & i hate going to bed, mummy puts me in. i get back out. mummy puts me in. i get back out. until daddy comes up then i behave. or if I'm really sleepy i will just go to sleep. but sometimes or a lot of the time daddy works late so i don't get to see him until morning, Mum then has to get me back to bed herself. i do say sorry sometimes, i think she forgets i am only 2 still, although i am 3 next month i am having a birthday party with a bouncy castle & cakes balloons & some other really exciting things that i am not allowed to talk about.
i think mum thinks i am at a really challenging age, i hear her talking to her mummy friends whilst they drink coffee. i am sure she thinks i am stupid. well news to you mum i do understand & it just makes me want to play up that little bit more...
i do Love Mummy & Daddy a lot i mean a lot a lot, i love cuddles & to be carried around like a baby as well,
oh wait Mummy coming back she says its almost dinner time ....

Lots of Love Emilyn


Ever seen a Green Kid Stainless steel bottle. no? your missing out.

I have been lucky enough to Review this fab little Beauty!  
The Baby Feeding Revolution

Its a 100% Stainless Steel Baby Bottle - At a Glance
The Green kid Stainless Steel bottle is an innovative Zero plastic BPA free PHT - Pthalate & Lead FREE bottle.

I Love...

  •  The Design - its gorgeous, stylish & not plastic. Colours it comes in Blue, Pink or Green. 
  • We have been using this Bottle for the Past two weeks Hugo loves it, he has Milk & Water out of it.
  • Its Dishwasher Safe! even better. so easy to clean. 
  • It doesnt smell - its completely Odour more smelly plastic! 
  • Its designed to be leak proof- it has been rolling around in my changing bag & as of yet no soggy smelly clothes or nappies. Fabulous! 
  • It has a wide neck for smooth air flow and Colic reduction. 
  • The best about this bottle for me is that most leading teats are compatible! - my son will only take MAM teats so he has no fuss over this bottle with the MAM teat on it. *more bottles should do this! 
  • It comes with two teats - a 0+ one & a Sippy Spout both included in one bottle purchase! 
  • It has Internal Volume Marking for Easy measuring   

So Why Stainless Steel?

Many elements contained in plastic can be dangerous to your baby’s health. Many leading bottle brands include a BPA free alternative and while this is a safer option, it does not address the other toxic and dangerous elements found in plastic. Even BPA-free bottles may STILL leach phthalates and other toxic elements into your baby’s milk, especially when heated, frozen or scratched. Babies and young children are most at risk due to their undeveloped endocrine systems.
Stainless steel is the safe, non leaching, non-toxic and durable answer! It is also 100% recyclable, unlike plastic.

Hugo enjoying his Green Kid Stainless steel Bottle 

Where to BUY?
Green Kids Stainless Steel 
or Call 07950635545/07818088992

RRP - Size: 300ml / 10oz
Price: £15.99

RRP -  Size: 150ml / 5oz
Price: £14.50

Follow Them on Twitter  @GreenKid_UK

Is that a Bugaboo...



Well yes, Yes it is a Bugaboo.
Some People class their pet as part of the family, they may even go as far as calling their cat or dog their "baby"
Well I have quite a few Babies Yes my Daughter & Son as well as my Bugaboo's
I've had 5 or 6 Bugaboo's so far They come everywhere with us.

The Cameleon was the first one we had in Red & Blue we had this Until the Hot Pink Cameleon came out we brought both buggies second hand for a good price.
Before we had our Bugaboo we had done lots of research into buggies & i thought i wanted a Quinny Buzz as the Bugaboos all seemed well out of our price range so we got the Buzz 4 in Red for Emilyn i literally used it about 4 weeks before selling it & buying the Cameleon, The Buzz in my eyes doesn't even come close to how fantastic the Bugaboo is.
We literally took our Cameleon with us everywhere  here are a few photos :
Emilyn as a baby shopping in Guildford
Emilyn as a baby going for a walk in the country.

Shopping In westfields

Having our weekly Costa Coffee

Walking to the Park

Enjoying the Sun on the Epsom Downs Racecourse

Family Holiday in Norfolk

Emilyn even done the Race For Life In her Cam

We could even walk to town when we had all that snow- we watched other Buggies getting stuck but not our Cameleon! - This Photo won the Bugaboo Instagram competition...
We kept the Hot Pink Bugaboo cameleon until last year Selling it at a profit because Bugaboo keeps their Value very very well if kept in good condition, I sold it to buy the Bugaboo Bee as we hadn't planed to have any more babies for a good few years. Obviously life doesn't always go to plan & just a few months after I sold our Cameleon Hugo was on his way! Our Bee had the Hello Kitty hood on & so i bought a cow print hood for Hugo once he arrives.

Our Hello Kitty Bee came on our Honeymoon to Tunisia

Who said Pinks for Girls? Bee on our Honeymoon

Cow Print all ready for Hugo.

We Spotted the Bas Kosters Bugaboo for sale on Gumtree & we couldn't let it pass us we contacted the owner & paid a deposit it was however up in Manchester we are in the South at the time living in London so the following weekend we travelled up there & bought the most amazing Bugaboo we had ever seen up close, the carrycot was brand new never been used & the rest of it was in amazing condition.
With Matching Umbrella, footmuff, underneath Basket & all the other Extras.
Although this buggy was bought for Hugo I couldn't resist using it for my Daughter before his arrival Our first trip was around the Trafford Centre shopping centre The Attention it created was crazy, People coming up & asking what it was & where could they buy it from. was all abit bizarre i was used to people commenting on my buggies as Bugaboo buggies seem to get alot of attention anyway but this was crazy.
But then of course the Bas Kosters is not the Normal everyday buggy people expect to see.
The day we picked up our Precious Bas Kosters Emilyn having a go

Hugo loves his Buggy so much he fell asleep whilst playing

Taking Hugo out for the first time at 4 days old.

Taking the Bas Kosters to Hospital with us in the Rain.

Hugo loves his Bas Koster Bugaboo

Bugaboo in Brighton Bas Kosters SeaSide Buggy Board

Ok so where am i? I forgot to mention Ive just ordered  a NEW one!- yes i am Mad I Crave these Buggies, I might as well make the most of my obsession whilst i still have my babies as babies ( i am talking about my actual children) its so hard to tell the difference at times. So at the beginning of the week we popped into Kingston Bentall centre & they had the ALL Black Bugaboo Bee instock ( well to be ordered in *instock) so i bought one then popped along to Peppermint & bought the Missoni Hood & Blanket.
Can you just imagine how Beautiful it will look with the black Chassis & missoni hood... I will have to update this Blog once I've got my hands on it.
This is Hugo testing out the Bugaboo Denim 

*** And here is the newest edition to my Bugaboo Family ***

Buying Emilyn's new Buggy Board

Just picked up my New Bee The lovely lady put it together for us

I would recommend a Bugaboo to anyone we have not had a single problem with any i will keep hold of them for a very long time...

The Reason I Love Bugaboo is :
  • its the smoothest buggy I've ever pushed - its used every day so why scrimp & use a rubbish buggy 
  • Its stylish
  • you can change the hoods & seat liners to whatever mood your in
  • the accessories you can buy for it are almost unlimited 
  • it is a Bugaboo
  • you can use it in the rain, snow, mud, sand, grass, the list in endless * trust me know
  • the Resale on them are good they do keep their Money
  • My babies love them
  • They are part of my family.

I Recently won a Bugaboo Competition I got The High Performance Footmuff
Its REALLY beautiful!
I also got Cameleon Snow wheels... they are fabulous ! Take a look at my review here - Bugaboo rough Terrain wheels
Bas Kosters Bugaboo with the Snow / Rough Terrain wheels on 

To add to my Bugaboo 'addiction' 

We now have a 'Cheap' Gecko to try out over the winter months with the High Performance footmuff ! 


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