Adults - What do they know - through the eyes of a Toddler

I've sneaked on Mummy's laptop again, she is busy with my Baby brother Gogo.
Mummy keeps telling me to behave or i am to go to bed, she says she is tired. why or how can she be tired, she's up all night with Hugo & I then she drinks coffee all day whilst i play (torment) Gogo, i had to add the word torment as this is what she says i do. he can be happily playing on is own but i want to play with him so i poke him or throw a toy in his direction. Mum says that I'm naughty for doing so. i say i am being a good Big sister!
Hugo is getting a little bit more fun recently he rolls & can sit for short amounts of time, well until i push him over. this is what being a big sister is all about isn't it?
we are a tag team as Mum calls it, Hugo is mean to me too. he grabs chunks of my hair out. again mum says its my fault! he shouldn't Pull hair! i say to him "Gogo no pull hair, no Gogo no" but he never listens.
He will always be MY BABY Brother so he should listen to what i say! Mum keeps asking me "Who's Boss Emilyn?" i think she is trying to get at the fact that i am slowly running the house.
we have had a good day today we made Cake pops & then went to the shop I run in front of an old grandpa looking man he then proceeded to shout at me, Mum had to apologise for my behaviour? i do not get why old people get so grumpy, i am a child i have lots & lots of energy to burn.
Everything is so funny too, even when Mummy tells me off or asks me to go on the naughty step i laugh she makes me giggle. i think its her funny angry face, but don't tell her i said this,
I think Mum is stumped with me at the moment i mean she would normally get a break when i go to preschool, i miss school, we drive past it almost everyday. i long to be there & tell mum every time we drive past that "thats Emily's school mummy" when will this Summer Holiday be over?
i think daddy is talking about a holiday once he's finished at the Paraolymipics, i just want to get back to school. But i suppose a holiday would be fun if i get to go swimming everyday!
sorry lost track there... so today Mummy tells me she is tired blah blah blah & has a headache well i don't like mummy being poorly but she isn't really allowed to be is she? we had Daddy poorly yesterday so Mummy had to look after all of us. maybe that is why she isn't feeling very well today.
she keeps putting Films on I'm quite happy to watch them although i really want to watch Cars! but we don't have it & it isn't on Sky.
I've learnt a new saying. "what are you doing?" i like to say it a lot, mum says i am very inquisitive. I'm not sure what that word means but she says it & its big so makes me look intelligent,
Bed times well Gogo goes to bed way before me, because i am older i get the older bedtime. i don't like bedtime though. I enjoy mum reading 4 books to me, i enjoy having lots of toys with me but i hate cleaning my teeth & i hate going to bed, mummy puts me in. i get back out. mummy puts me in. i get back out. until daddy comes up then i behave. or if I'm really sleepy i will just go to sleep. but sometimes or a lot of the time daddy works late so i don't get to see him until morning, Mum then has to get me back to bed herself. i do say sorry sometimes, i think she forgets i am only 2 still, although i am 3 next month i am having a birthday party with a bouncy castle & cakes balloons & some other really exciting things that i am not allowed to talk about.
i think mum thinks i am at a really challenging age, i hear her talking to her mummy friends whilst they drink coffee. i am sure she thinks i am stupid. well news to you mum i do understand & it just makes me want to play up that little bit more...
i do Love Mummy & Daddy a lot i mean a lot a lot, i love cuddles & to be carried around like a baby as well,
oh wait Mummy coming back she says its almost dinner time ....

Lots of Love Emilyn



  1. Hilarious, I am lol at mummy being at a challenging age!

    1. thank you honey, She has a way with words that's for sure! x



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