Babies, Boobs, Bums and Tums

Is this a Taboo subject for me to bring up?
Do women truly go in to having babies thinking their body will stay the same as pre pregnancy?
& if you get through your pregnancy stretch mark free keeping your pert breasts & un motherly hips... are you a superhero or a celebrity with more money than sense?
You may be reading this thinking "what does she know, she's a skinny thing"
I've had two beautiful children & believe me my Body has suffered, I may not of struggled to lose my baby weight but just having babies changes your body in ways you can't imagine.

I had always wanted children but honestly the thought of my body being covered in stretch marks, saggy skin, no breasts & all the other things that can be pregnancy related i knew at that time of my life i just wasn't ready for them. I was only a teenager so i think its all relative.
As a 13 year old i started battling with my 'puppy fat' as i had been diagnosed with Glandular Fever & M.E later on my glands were always inflamed so Ice-cream was my firm favourite for breakfast, lunch & dinner. My face was also extremely puffy so made me look chubby.
I took to dieting, got more & more in to Modelling so the pressure was on to stay fit, healthy & thin.
I would work out at the gym 3-4 times a week & I got to my goal weight & my ideal figure.
I fell pregnant with Emilyn at 18 years old, I was mixed with emotions but over the moon to be having a baby & i was accepting from the on set that i would get stretch marks & whatever else change wise that would happen to my body i would just have to get used to it,
I used Bio Oil twice daily from 13 weeks & by 41 weeks pregnant i had put on 3 stone & i had a hand full of stretch marks. I wasn't upset by them & knew they would fade.
I must admit the after birth tummy scared the beejeebies out of me, i still looked 20 weeks pregnant! I really dislike looking back at at my first photos with Emilyn & I was big, pale, & looked exhausted after a 20+ hour labour.
I am very lucky to say i had my figure back within weeks, it took time to get used to my 'new' body my Hips had changed shape & i lived in my maternity leggings for the first month, I had to change my whole wardrobe to fit my new shape, I am not one for the gym any more & just took to looking after Emilyn, I believe that breastfeeding really helped me shift my baby weight by 6 months i was happy with my Body but as i then stopped breastfeeding the outcome became hard for my head to get around, I am used to having pert 32E breasts. whilst feeding i went up to a 34H then down to a 32D *this may not sound small to you but they were lifeless, no decent bra would make them look nice, it was like having a body of a 20 year old & breasts of a saggy old lady... But as i am me i learnt to live with them & love my body even if it took a while. its the sacrifice i made when i decided to have a baby.
18 Months after having Emilyn, My breasts had regained life, they looked normal again healthier fuller & the saggy-ness had gone, I was now even happier & more confident with my body.
We then decided or should i say my Body decided to fall pregnant with another baby.
They say it takes 18 months for your body inside & out to get back to normal after having a baby... so i suppose now is the right time.
my tummy muscles were better but not as good as they were pre pregnancy, I started showing really quickly by 12 weeks i was huge.
I again expected more stretch marks & the rest of the who ha pregnancy had to offer.
well again by 40 weeks i was huge more huge than  got with Emilyn, & more stretch marks. I again put on 3 stone, 2 stone was lost after literally having him, he was almost 9lbs & there was a lot of water placenta ect ect...
This time though i wanted to look back at my photos in hospital with a smile on my face. So i made sure i Fake Baked, had my nails done & my hair, I prefer these photos so much more & i can proudly show other people them.
I again have been lucky enough to get my figure back quickly, i Breastfed again till 7 months this time.
Hugo is 7 months 3 weeks old at the moment, My hips are even more 'motherly' & they refuse to fit back into my old size 8 jeans! what a waste of hundreds of pounds just sitting under my bed. i refuse to try them on now & i have adjusted to the idea that my trousers must be bought in a size 10... I again am happy with this but it has taken a while to get used to.
I don't Diet, i can't Diet, i get too tempted with food. I blame myself i bake too much! I haven't really done any exercise although i crave it i just haven't got the time, perhaps once summer holidays are over.
there is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, is there?
I try to take pride in my appearance, My children don't suffer so there is no harm in my eyes.
Ok so here we are 7 months down the line... one thing i can say i am struggling to get used to is loose tummy skin... its fine whilst i am standing up, but its there ! & i can't shift it, i have got back to my goal weight without lifting a finger. the last 4 lbs dropped off after i had finished breastfeeding... i had a few days of ' mourning the loss of my H size breasts' but they seem in much better condition than they did after i had Emilyn, defiantly not too deflating & saggy tea bags like.
I wear bikinis/tankinis/swimsuits to the swimming pool/beach & whilst on holiday.
I have had two children, I am 22 years old. what are people going to say? 'Put your saggy stretch-marked tummy away'? ha i would laugh if they did, mindless idiots would come to mind! ...
I want to Tunisa on my Honeymoon last year i lived in Bikini's the whole 2 weeks we were out there.

I think Im lucky that i have come to terms with the change of my body so well. But I am so blessed to have my babies & the changes to my body are all signs that i have carried my children for 9 + months
I have my wonderful Husband who loves me for me, loves me being pregnant or not & loves all my imperfections that now male me perfect.
But I am done having babies. not just because of my poor body but me energy levels my sanity & money.

It is a Mind over matter problem, You need to re learn to love your 'new body' & believe every single one of you are Beautiful, however much your body has taken a hit with growing a baby in your tummy.

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