Is that a Bugaboo...



Well yes, Yes it is a Bugaboo.
Some People class their pet as part of the family, they may even go as far as calling their cat or dog their "baby"
Well I have quite a few Babies Yes my Daughter & Son as well as my Bugaboo's
I've had 5 or 6 Bugaboo's so far They come everywhere with us.

The Cameleon was the first one we had in Red & Blue we had this Until the Hot Pink Cameleon came out we brought both buggies second hand for a good price.
Before we had our Bugaboo we had done lots of research into buggies & i thought i wanted a Quinny Buzz as the Bugaboos all seemed well out of our price range so we got the Buzz 4 in Red for Emilyn i literally used it about 4 weeks before selling it & buying the Cameleon, The Buzz in my eyes doesn't even come close to how fantastic the Bugaboo is.
We literally took our Cameleon with us everywhere  here are a few photos :
Emilyn as a baby shopping in Guildford
Emilyn as a baby going for a walk in the country.

Shopping In westfields

Having our weekly Costa Coffee

Walking to the Park

Enjoying the Sun on the Epsom Downs Racecourse

Family Holiday in Norfolk

Emilyn even done the Race For Life In her Cam

We could even walk to town when we had all that snow- we watched other Buggies getting stuck but not our Cameleon! - This Photo won the Bugaboo Instagram competition...
We kept the Hot Pink Bugaboo cameleon until last year Selling it at a profit because Bugaboo keeps their Value very very well if kept in good condition, I sold it to buy the Bugaboo Bee as we hadn't planed to have any more babies for a good few years. Obviously life doesn't always go to plan & just a few months after I sold our Cameleon Hugo was on his way! Our Bee had the Hello Kitty hood on & so i bought a cow print hood for Hugo once he arrives.

Our Hello Kitty Bee came on our Honeymoon to Tunisia

Who said Pinks for Girls? Bee on our Honeymoon

Cow Print all ready for Hugo.

We Spotted the Bas Kosters Bugaboo for sale on Gumtree & we couldn't let it pass us we contacted the owner & paid a deposit it was however up in Manchester we are in the South at the time living in London so the following weekend we travelled up there & bought the most amazing Bugaboo we had ever seen up close, the carrycot was brand new never been used & the rest of it was in amazing condition.
With Matching Umbrella, footmuff, underneath Basket & all the other Extras.
Although this buggy was bought for Hugo I couldn't resist using it for my Daughter before his arrival Our first trip was around the Trafford Centre shopping centre The Attention it created was crazy, People coming up & asking what it was & where could they buy it from. was all abit bizarre i was used to people commenting on my buggies as Bugaboo buggies seem to get alot of attention anyway but this was crazy.
But then of course the Bas Kosters is not the Normal everyday buggy people expect to see.
The day we picked up our Precious Bas Kosters Emilyn having a go

Hugo loves his Buggy so much he fell asleep whilst playing

Taking Hugo out for the first time at 4 days old.

Taking the Bas Kosters to Hospital with us in the Rain.

Hugo loves his Bas Koster Bugaboo

Bugaboo in Brighton Bas Kosters SeaSide Buggy Board

Ok so where am i? I forgot to mention Ive just ordered  a NEW one!- yes i am Mad I Crave these Buggies, I might as well make the most of my obsession whilst i still have my babies as babies ( i am talking about my actual children) its so hard to tell the difference at times. So at the beginning of the week we popped into Kingston Bentall centre & they had the ALL Black Bugaboo Bee instock ( well to be ordered in *instock) so i bought one then popped along to Peppermint & bought the Missoni Hood & Blanket.
Can you just imagine how Beautiful it will look with the black Chassis & missoni hood... I will have to update this Blog once I've got my hands on it.
This is Hugo testing out the Bugaboo Denim 

*** And here is the newest edition to my Bugaboo Family ***

Buying Emilyn's new Buggy Board

Just picked up my New Bee The lovely lady put it together for us

I would recommend a Bugaboo to anyone we have not had a single problem with any i will keep hold of them for a very long time...

The Reason I Love Bugaboo is :
  • its the smoothest buggy I've ever pushed - its used every day so why scrimp & use a rubbish buggy 
  • Its stylish
  • you can change the hoods & seat liners to whatever mood your in
  • the accessories you can buy for it are almost unlimited 
  • it is a Bugaboo
  • you can use it in the rain, snow, mud, sand, grass, the list in endless * trust me know
  • the Resale on them are good they do keep their Money
  • My babies love them
  • They are part of my family.

I Recently won a Bugaboo Competition I got The High Performance Footmuff
Its REALLY beautiful!
I also got Cameleon Snow wheels... they are fabulous ! Take a look at my review here - Bugaboo rough Terrain wheels
Bas Kosters Bugaboo with the Snow / Rough Terrain wheels on 

To add to my Bugaboo 'addiction' 

We now have a 'Cheap' Gecko to try out over the winter months with the High Performance footmuff ! 


  1. LOVING the new Missoni addition, I want it now! Xxx

    1. its gorgeous isnt it, What have you done with your buggy situation? did you go for the double P&T? they do the Missoni for the cameleon too xx



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