Ever seen a Green Kid Stainless steel bottle. no? your missing out.

I have been lucky enough to Review this fab little Beauty!  
The Baby Feeding Revolution

Its a 100% Stainless Steel Baby Bottle - At a Glance
The Green kid Stainless Steel bottle is an innovative Zero plastic BPA free PHT - Pthalate & Lead FREE bottle.

I Love...

  •  The Design - its gorgeous, stylish & not plastic. Colours it comes in Blue, Pink or Green. 
  • We have been using this Bottle for the Past two weeks Hugo loves it, he has Milk & Water out of it.
  • Its Dishwasher Safe! even better. so easy to clean. 
  • It doesnt smell - its completely Odour free...no more smelly plastic! 
  • Its designed to be leak proof- it has been rolling around in my changing bag & as of yet no soggy smelly clothes or nappies. Fabulous! 
  • It has a wide neck for smooth air flow and Colic reduction. 
  • The best about this bottle for me is that most leading teats are compatible! - my son will only take MAM teats so he has no fuss over this bottle with the MAM teat on it. *more bottles should do this! 
  • It comes with two teats - a 0+ one & a Sippy Spout both included in one bottle purchase! 
  • It has Internal Volume Marking for Easy measuring   

So Why Stainless Steel?

Many elements contained in plastic can be dangerous to your baby’s health. Many leading bottle brands include a BPA free alternative and while this is a safer option, it does not address the other toxic and dangerous elements found in plastic. Even BPA-free bottles may STILL leach phthalates and other toxic elements into your baby’s milk, especially when heated, frozen or scratched. Babies and young children are most at risk due to their undeveloped endocrine systems.
Stainless steel is the safe, non leaching, non-toxic and durable answer! It is also 100% recyclable, unlike plastic.

Hugo enjoying his Green Kid Stainless steel Bottle 

Where to BUY?
Green Kids Stainless Steel 
or Call 07950635545/07818088992

RRP - Size: 300ml / 10oz
Price: £15.99

RRP -  Size: 150ml / 5oz
Price: £14.50

Follow Them on Twitter  @GreenKid_UK

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