A mum of two

I've been a mum of two for over 9 months now & the first few months everyone would always ask "so how is it being a mummy of two?" my response "fine not too much harder" yet!...
We hit a major Milestone for Hugo (& any other baby) he can Crawl & he's fast!
Que my life turning into a frantic crazy mess. How difficult did i think it would be?
I coping with broken sleep still, a tantruming Toddler who seems to think she is BOSS & now a Cheeky monkey who wants to put EVERYTHING into his mouth & pull wires & eat shoes or anything he can get his grubby little hands on.
How crazy have my mornings turned into?... like crazy crazy yesterday morning i totally had both children screaming at me... so i had to do my make up one handed & barely put any effort into my hair.
I know get why some mums give up with their looks its blimin hard work! i can feel myself slowly turning into a slummy mummy - yes i said it!
I of course won't let myself go... in any way but less make up & perhaps not needing perfect hair everyday.. i guess this is the real world & so normal?
then this morning i decided it was time i needed to "baby proof" the house... i am obviously witting this blog post at the present time as Hugo is having his morning nap, but i know this will make my life easier!
This wire looks fun mummy!

It also doesn't help with Emilyn trying to ride Hugo like a "Horsey" Oh dear is the word! it doesn't help Hugo giggles his head off!
So i am now a Mummy of two & a Mummy of two with no energy.... & i know am not allowed Coffee. Lorraine* did you hear this? no more Coffee for me! My M.E has reared its Ugly Ugly head & has said no more to coffee. my body can't take the Caffeine a bit of a bummer really but my health comes first.
I'll  have to rely on cake to get me through the day. that will totally add to the "not letting myself go" part.
Yes i am now a bedraggled Mother... no number 3 for me.

I can Crawl


  1. Hugo looks like such a little sweetie!



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