Book Review

I have been fortunate enough to Review these beautiful children's books.
Emilyn is at the perfect age for sitting down & enjoying books, (she is almost 3years old) we have books dotted all over the house, she is a complete Book worm & loves having 3 or more books read to her before bedtime. so when i had a chance to review these books i jumped at it.
They have all recently been Published & surprisingly I had not come across them before.
A person can never have too many books.
I showed all three books to Emilyn she was over the moon with them.
I am very Happy to report she loved it we have read it together a few hundred times all ready. although she is convinced the Beastie is a Monkey, the Joys of children the amount of times I've explained to her its a monster her response "no mummy its a Monkey"... 
She enjoys all the rhyming & now joins in with the end of each sentence. 
"sshhh", says one, "don't make a sound if you do we will be found"
Just a Lovely lovely book, should go down as a classic, the Illustrations are fabulous just Brilliant! 
Very very impressed
We then read "Grandma Bendy" By Izy Penguin
I again am super Happy to report she loved this book! she giggled & laughed the whole way through
She loved that the Grandma had extraordinarily long bendy arms,
Grandma Bendy is a reformed burglar who turned into a Hero 
You must read the book to find out how Grandma Bendy went from Villain to Hero.
Again the Illustrations are great! 
Love it!
Surprisingly she left the doggy one last But certainly not least "The Dog Detective" By Fin & Zoa
The Dog Detectives in... Lost in London
another extremely good book! that kept Emilyns Attention the whole way through.
The Dog detectives need to travel around London finding all the Ravens, Before time runs out.
Once again fantastic Illustrations
3 great books 
a Must for any little boy or girl.
All three books are published by Maverick

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