Organic Love

For me finding nice Boys clothes is hard work - i honestly really struggle to find anything nice.
the Little girls clothes are all so pretty & really annoys me that in the fashion world people seem to think little boys clothes need to be covered in Mickey Mouse or Buzz & Toy Story images.
This is not what i like!
I am constantly on the look out for new clothes for Hugo.
So when i spotted OrganicZoo on I was over the moon! I am not extremely fussy. as long as its nice & comfortable for him I'm happy. He's at that age of wanting to crawl but struggling too & also when he eats he gets covered in it...
How adorable are these Hedgehog vests... of course once these arrived I realised i needed the trousers to match! They are beautiful & i don't want to hide them under a jumper!

I am also always on the look out for unusual footless rompers for Hugo as he has to wear his boots & bar to bed so again was fabulous to find OrganicZoo do them too! we got a Hedgehog Romper too!
I can not fault the clothes at all. They are beautiful & well worth the money. In fact I may start spending a little too much money on their things. My husband even commented on how soft the Romper is.

This is Hugo Showing off his 
new Romper.

If you love these as much as i do go take a look at You will not be disappointed. The KyNa service is unbelievable good. I ordered the mouse trousers yesterday at 3pm & no word of a lie they have just popped through my Letter box! I don't even know how they got here so fast!
& the packaging is beautifully wrapped.
Go now go take a look at KyNaBoutique & treat your special little one.

RRP Vest-£14.99

*Disclaimer I myself bought these clothes this is not a review I just love these clothes. 

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