Pumpkins Halloween

Halloween what a fabulous time of year! This year is a little bit more exciting than the last few years as Emilyn & Hugo will be going trick or treating & they have the preschool Halloween party!
We have always done Pumpkins though & i really enjoy making them with the Children.

So here are our Pumpkins... Pretty amazing eh?...

I am however 100% Joking they are far too amazing for me to do!...
but i am pretty proud of our little pumpkins as Emilyn drew her own face this year...

Although if you want to see how to make such amazing Pumpkins... go take a look at Diaryofthemilkshakemummy ...

This year is Hugo's first Halloween too! so even more special.
This is Emilyn showing off her Pumpkin- we bought our Pumpkins from Rudgwick Apple Day last week.

Look how proud Emilyn is with her Pumpkin 

I had to put Hugo in his Snug he kept trying to eat the Pumpkin seeds, bless him.

Emilyn tried to help me empty the pumpkin out but she didn't like it at all & kept saying eewww yucky! 

We then had to take them outside ... Emilyn was adamant she wanted to carry her pumpkin, she did struggle though

Emilyn showing off her pumpkins 

& the pumpkin in the dark.

Will be linking up to this blog after Emilyn's Halloween Party 



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