We got New boots!18/10/12

Hugo wearing his Markel boots just arrived at Hospital 

Emilyn in the children's ward waiting room
After months & months of Houdini Hugo escaping his boots & after he was still escaping his new boots even after i created new holes in the strap I decided to call my Physio & we made an emergency appointment to check his feet & see what is going on.
As Hugo has been suffering with recurring blisters they said straight away to try the new boots, They always try the Mitchel boots first as NHS are paying & they are half the price. i completely understand this but Hugo didn't get along with them.
They checked his feet & could see his foot wasn't quite fitting the boot properly his heel didn't match up with the heel in the boot. Then examined his foot & said his foot was quite bendy, Mentioning Hyper mobility here & there.
After examining his foot more they seemed slightly concerned, said they will know more once he is walking but may need the Tendon operation...
the whole appointment was a bit of a blur, Hugo wouldn't keep still we tried to amuse him with a toy car. that worked for a few minutes...
We finally got his new boots on & they gave us a little bar bumper & a gorgeous cover that a mum donates to the ward.

Leaving the hospital
We then went around the shops in Guildford as Emilyn had lots of Birthday Money to spend off to BabyGap we went!...
Hugo stayed in his BnB & we had no rude comments or any horrible stares... Brilliant!
Emilyn in BabyGap

I then came home & posted on my Support group & put a photo up of Hugo.
I found it quite difficult to read a few of the comments as i know deep down the ladies are trying to help  but the way my Physio's put his boots on is the way i think they should go on, i trust my physio 100% i then got lots of negative comments about the boots being on wrong & this is what "DR Ponseti" wants ... i took it all very personally as I know feel torn. i just want the best for my son & i got made to feel so small & not knowing whats what... which with these new boots i don't! i don't have a clue...
it was meant to be a happy day & this made it all quite negative for me... i worry enough about his feet & certainly don't want to be doing anything to harm him.

Hugo having his night time bottle - throwing his new boots in the air they are so light compared to the other ones.
Hugo having his night time bottle can you see how bruised his poor little knees are from crawling?

We ended up having a terrible night with Hugo he was up crying most of the night... now i'm not sure if this was because of the new boots or if he is teething again? but its horrible either way not being able to help a screaming baby... & i had very little sleep... Lets hope tonight is better. He's been asleep 3 hours already this morning!  
Emilyn & Hugo this morning playing with the Duplo cars
On the school run this morning.

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  1. Oh Bex he looks so happy in himself in those top photos bless him! If your physio put them on and checked them as per usual then they know what's what I guess and you aren't hurting him at all :) xxx



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