Winter Warmers - Baby/Toddler style

Lets talk shoes- Boots in particular; Children's & babies?

I love Buying Emilyn UGGs as they keep your feet so nice & warm in the winter she has had UGGs since she was a baby baby...
I do however always try & find a good deal. I came across whilst browsing my phone at stupid o'clock in the morning as Hugo decided to wake up, this website had an UGG flash sale a 3 day sale UGG's half price! - so i got Emilyn to chose a pair the following day & i ordered them.

I then went on the look out for Hugo's winter booties. He has already had baby UGG's but i find them really hard to stay on his feet. I did however fall in love with a new pair of baby UGGs but on the website they don't stock his size.. I'm not sure if its just Talipes related but Hugo has really wide & quite fat chunky feet.. so after searching & searching i came across Robeez Boots & i love them - they also stay on his feet all day!

Now Lets talk about Keep warm... SnowSuits!
I love them! how fabulous are they? ... This one is from NEXT 
This SnowSuit is Ralph Lauren...

A Baby/Toddler/Child is never too big for a snowsuit this is Emilyn in hers... From NEXT

Now lets talk HATS!.... I have a love for Baby GAP especially their animal hats... Hugo as a newborn in his elephant hat
 Emilyn in her Penguin Hat from Baby GAP
 Hugo in his Teddy hat from Baby GAP

Emilyn showing off her penguin hat

 Accessories : EarMuffs! Monsoon

& we are back to BabyGAP 

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