Have a Handmade Christmas.

When Money may be tight?
Or Home made is just too cute to by pass?
well for me it is a bit of both...

I have some Fabulous small presents or stocking filler ideas...

How Cute are these Edible Christmas Baubles Just £1.50 each a selection of sweets to be chosen :
 How fabulous do they look on a Christmas Tree ? Why not make your Christmas tree that little bit Sweeter?

I love this idea! - mini Candy Canes in a Bauble £1.50 Each.

 COMING SOON : Christmas Bauble Boxes... will be £2.50 The Winning box has been chosen :)


              I Love these Large Christmas Candy cones just £2.50 each & can be personalised :

These Christmas Candy Cones PERFECT for Toddlers £2.50 Each :
How about Mini Candy Cones?  3 for Just £3:

If you would like to Order any of these Go over to EmilynsCandyCart & Like our page.
Or Simply Email EmilynsCandyCart@hotmail.co.uk

To Celebrate Life.

I've been keeping this quiet, not intentionally but just didn't quite have the words to say it.
My Grandad Passed away this week, Thursday Morning.
It wasn't a shock, he has been very poorly for a very long time,
He is in a better place now where he can't be harmed.
I took the babies up to see see him a few weeks ago, & wow am i glad i did.
It was hard to see him like that, but we did atleast get to talk to him, & got a few smiles.
Its so nice to have the last memories as nice 'ish memories,

Emilyn is 3 years old, & although we don't get to see our grandparents a lot, she was quite close to them, when we went up last time whilst Grandad was in Hospital she ran all around the house searching for him
"Granadad where are you? Grandad stop playing hide & seek"
I then explained Granadad was in Hospital & he was poorly but we would go see him later.
I was a little worried about taking them & to see my grandad looking so frail.
Emilyn did get a little shy & she asked what was wrong with him? but she quickly calmed down - she drew a beautiful picture of Herself & Hugo for him.
The babies made Grandad smile as soon as we walked in.
Last time i spoke to him before he was in hospital he was saying "I'm ready to go now, just don't want to be suffering any more, i have done everything in life i have wanted & im even a proud great grandfather what more could i want?"
That to me made me feel very proud of my two little people.
As we left the Hospital Emilyn out of nowhere said "I love my Grandad"
That made me smile so much, she has such a big heart.

Now comes the hard part - How do you tell a 3 year old that their Grandfather has Passed away?
The day i found out i tried to explain that Granddad had gone he was now in the sky looking over us & at night time he will be one of the shining stars, she proceeded to ask..."Can i blow Grnadad a kiss up to the sky then?" she then stood there for a few minutes blowing kisses upwards.
Nothing more was said about it,
I then spoke to my Mum on the phone as she is staying with my Gran in Norfolk for a while, & Emilyn asked after Gran & Grandad. I could hear Mum was going to start trying to explain again...so i butted in quickly to explain i had tried to tell her in the nicest way but she wont understand.

Emilyn & Hugo will be coming to the funeral service i think she may understand it a little more.
It shouldn't be a horrible day. yes it will be sad & yes i miss him already. But we will be celebrating the most amazing life he lead.

I am comforted with his words in my head, He was suffering. the one thing he said he didnt want, was to die suffering, he was in a small Hospital & on pain killers
He was a sleep & just slipped away. Life will never be the same without him,
He was so knowledgeable, & his storeys about life & when he was a young boy. I will never hear again. This well makes me incredibly sad.
But alas this is life.

Your brought in to the world. live your life. & then your gone.

Don't Hate. Bring Love. Live your Life to the Fullest.

I'll Never Forget you.
My Grandad,
My Children's Great Grandad
My Mother's Dad
82 Years old.
Love you Forever.

Wooden Toys - The Future...

so Christmas is approaching thick & fast...trying to think about presents for the small people is so difficult, I don't like just buying them toys for the sake of it, I like to think about what i know they will play with.
Hugo's Birthday is only 2 weeks after Christmas too!
My children love Cars both of them love anything with wheels on... so i found these...

 these Beautiful wooden cars & trucks.
Price range from RRP - £2.99 - £21.99
to mix in with the wheeled things this fabulous                                Car Park RRP - £45.99

& train set-RRP £13.27
 Wooden stacking Blocks - RRP £15.49
what child doesn't like a bead maze? Only £19.99

I LOVE this cake set! £25.99

Just look at ALL the Beautiful things you can find that are wooden! so this will be on both my babies Christmas & Birthday Lists for a long time I found most of these toys on wooden-toys-direct.co.uk






September Mug Swap

Back in September the Lovely Hannah from CupcakeMumma2011 got a few of us Bloggers involved in this amazing MUG SWAP! 
I love receiving gifts/surprises as well as sending them so thought it was perfect to get involved with. 
My swap partner was Emma from TheyGrowSoQuick we tweet quite a lot & she has just had her second baby a few days ago. I treated her to a Jamie Oliver "SUPER MUM" Mug i thought it was perfect for her.

I received this gorgeous Cath Kidston mug... i Love Love Love Mugs & this Cath Kidston one is perfect... i have my Tea out of it every morning.

The mug swap has been great fun. would love to do this again :) 

Wooden Playhouse

This is for me the ultimate garden toy-
A Wooden playhouse/wendyhouse. all my childhood memories are filled with happy times playing in my Wendy house with my next-door neighbours & my sisters, 
I had longed to buy the children one, but was totally unrealistic whilst we lived in Epsom, there just wasn't the room. so i made the decision to get Emilyn one for her 3rd Birthday, 
Hugo & Emilyn received quite a bit of money for their Birthday/Baptism almost enough for the house we wanted for them, I had to add a few pennies myself as we hadn't bought Emilyn much for her Birthday it was fine.
After 4 hard days the Finished product is done! 
I am hoping to many many years of fun in this cute little house! 


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