Our New Years Eve Day Consisted of...

Building the Chicken House *See previous Post;
Family lunch on the sofa;
An Extreme Walk on Cissbury Ring in Sussex... Rain,wind, cold, hail, mud, & we laughed the whole time it was fabulous & a tradition of mine to go on crazy cold windy walk on NYE...
We put our Bugaboo Cameleon snow wheels on too to make our bug even more 4x4 like. Hugo stayed dry of course all snug in his Bug.
Emilyn wore her snowsuit & Hunters & also stayed pretty dry. The rest of us got quite wet even wearing what we thought was 'water proof coats'
But it was great fun & Emilyn coped amazingly even when we both almost got blown away she was giggling.
We are now back home snuggles on the Sofa watching Arthur Christmas with Hot chocolate & marshmallows YUM!
This evening will be a lovely chilled evening with my Family a take away & a film I will probably we fast asleep when the clock strikes 12 though.
Phone on silent too!

Resolutions this year - none. I never keep to them & I have nothing to change. Life is pretty perfect!!

Happy New Year to you all!

Walking on Cissbury Ring 

Daddy pushing Hugo in the Bugaboo Bas Kosters with our new 4X4 Snow Wheels!

Beth our Leonburger X German Shepard 

Pose! Cold, Wet, Windy, Daddy with the Bas kosters Bugaboo 

Molly my Lhasa Apso Pup

Emilyn running down the hill

Emilyn walking Molly. Daddy Pushing Hugo 

A chicken isn't just for Christmas

What do you do when all your 3year old asks for for Christmas is just a Chicken? I real Cockadoodledoo Chicken?
We have wanted Chickens for a long while now so felt it was perfect to get some for Christmas.
On Christmas Morning when we went down to open the Christmas presents Emilyn looked at the tree burst in to tears saying "father Christmas didn't bring my chicken..." Repeating this for several minutes. Mic & I almost cried. I had to explain that Father Christmas can't bring 'live stock' & that a chicken wouldn't enjoy being wrapped up & put under the tree. But Father Christmas left a 'Magical Voucher' that we can take to a farm & but Chickens & Father Christmas left the Chicken House in the front garden.
Well we decided today was the day to put the chicken house together as it was actually delivered a few days before Christmas. But with the horrendous wet weather we had to wait for it to be a little bit dryer.
My Mum has already got 4 chickens lined up for us. So we needed to get our acts together & build the chicken house. Even though it was raining a little bit. It was bearable & from start to finish it was completed in under 3hours. Mic & I work very well together which is good, Emilyn ran around excitedly shouting "Chickens chickens chickens"
How proud were we of the finished product!!
Happy Christmas Emilyn & have a fantastic New Year all !!

Our Four Christmases

Christmas this year has been the best so far for us.
We had Emilyn being uber excited about Christmas & they had their Nativity's at School & Church, of which i was the proudest Mum at both although Emilyn didn't shall i say get into the spirit of her school nativity. But she was AMAZING at the church Nativity.

Hugo was the Church Nativity Baby Jesus & he was fabulous. Whilst Emilyn was a magnificent Sheep.

Have you heard of that film Four Christmases? well Our festive period was similar; not exactly the same as as a giant family we all get along with one another but it was similar in the sense that we had a crazy 5 days driving here there & everywhere spending each day with each family, opening more presents, doing crackers & eating more Christmas food... If i see another Turkey anytime soon i will certainly not be eating it. 
Although we done a lot of driving our four christmases were lovely, we were surrounded by our family & that in itself was amazing, watching the babies faces interact with their Aunties & second cousins was magical. 
So here is a run through of our Four Christmases & how we celebrated Hugo's first Christmas.


We Spent Christmas Day at home with my Parents, sisters & my own little family.

Hugo showing off his Handmade stocking by his Aunty Emma

Emilyn & Hugo leaving out father christmas' food.

Father christmas left Emilyn a magic wand...

Hugo's Stocking & Emilyn's Stocking ready & waiting.

Opening their stockings.
Christmas Day Hugo showing off his outfit 

Christmas day Emilyn opening her presents
Hugo on his Fire Engine

Family Photo on Christmas Day 2012
Emilyn & Hugo playing with their new toys
Emilyn playing on her new 'iPad'

Tired little boy after a busy Christmas Day.


Boxing Day was spent in London with Mics Mother my Mother Inlaw & family.
we were all excited about this day as we have never had a Christmas at Nannies house, as we normally went straight up to Lincolnshire to see Mics Dad & Grandad. So this was a special day & a day we all really enjoyed. 
Emilyn & Hugo got to see their Cousins too; of which they enjoyed all running around screaming like looneys. 

Hugo at his Nanny's house 

Emilyn & Hugo by the presents at Nanny's.



we had a nice chilled day with just My gran, Mic & Babies. Then the evening was filled with friends & family.
This is the first year without my Grandad & i must admit it was slightly weird. He was definitely missed.
we all had a lovely time with my Cousins & their partners... talking about old times & eating & drinking.
I go up to Norfolk quite a lot so for the babies & I it feels like our second Home.
again the babies were thoroughly spoilt * i really am unsure where i am going to put all their new toys?

Emilyn in the Morning 

Emilyn in the Lounge

Emilyn in the Lounge
the last few days have been crazy busy... it shows.
Gorgeous Hugo by the Open fire.

Family Photo

Hugo in the evening with his new toy.


Our final Christmas & we spent the day with my Father Inlaw & Granfather Inlaw another fabulous day & the babies got more Money to put in their savings. 
We don't see Mics Dad much but Emilyn knew exactly who he was. it was really lovely to see them together.


eating Lunch & playing cars 


Daddy & Hugo 

Emilyn shocked at all the money that fell out of a card.
It has been a Wonderful Christmas but boy was i happy to get home & chill with my Family for a few days.
Hope you've all had a Magical Christmas.

Next Stop New Year! 

A wet Christmas...

Well where should i start ???... Rain Rain Go away come again another day... or at least a few months!
This is going to sound like a moany blog post but i promise its not that Moany...
we live in a old cottage, we have no foundations in our Lounge so what happens... we flood A LOT!
to say its annoying is a understatement...
We cope with it well because we have to. it rained all night here so this morning it was no surprise that the water had started to seep in. Thank goodness we decided to have the Chrsitmas tree in the Orangery this year & not in the lounge (where we have normally) all the babies presents would be soaked!
we had a horrendous flood back in 2007 - we had to claim on our home insurance & had to have the lounge fully re-plastered. since then we had been ok till 2012. we have flooded (not badly but flood is a flood) around 10-15 times...

This was my drive to Toddlers this morning....& yes i am on the wrong side of the road(i do live in England)
The pump working its magic...
The amount of water around the house is out of control... 

So who thinks we will have a Wonderfully White Christmas? Rain makes us all so MISERABLE! its point blankly Depressing.
I Love the crisp cold icy mornings; Minus scraping the car...  I would love to wake up Christmas Day to at least a little bit of snow...

Heres to a wet Christmas... I'll drink to that. we will have to to get through the soggy'ness of the rain!

Merry Christmas Lovelies.


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