A chicken isn't just for Christmas

What do you do when all your 3year old asks for for Christmas is just a Chicken? I real Cockadoodledoo Chicken?
We have wanted Chickens for a long while now so felt it was perfect to get some for Christmas.
On Christmas Morning when we went down to open the Christmas presents Emilyn looked at the tree burst in to tears saying "father Christmas didn't bring my chicken..." Repeating this for several minutes. Mic & I almost cried. I had to explain that Father Christmas can't bring 'live stock' & that a chicken wouldn't enjoy being wrapped up & put under the tree. But Father Christmas left a 'Magical Voucher' that we can take to a farm & but Chickens & Father Christmas left the Chicken House in the front garden.
Well we decided today was the day to put the chicken house together as it was actually delivered a few days before Christmas. But with the horrendous wet weather we had to wait for it to be a little bit dryer.
My Mum has already got 4 chickens lined up for us. So we needed to get our acts together & build the chicken house. Even though it was raining a little bit. It was bearable & from start to finish it was completed in under 3hours. Mic & I work very well together which is good, Emilyn ran around excitedly shouting "Chickens chickens chickens"
How proud were we of the finished product!!
Happy Christmas Emilyn & have a fantastic New Year all !!

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