Christmas is Upon us

How excited am i?!
we have been super busy getting ourselves in to the Christmas spirit.
Making a Gingerbread House, Making Gingerbread Angels & Teddies, Decorating our trees & Putting Lights up outside, eating Mince pies.

Emilyn is on her 4th Christmas but i would say her first Christmas that she is remembering & getting into the excitement.. although she keeps telling people that Christmas; Father Christmas will bring her lots of presents for her BirthdayChristmas... I really have tried over & over to explain but she isn't believing me.

As well as doing all these Christmassy things at home Emilyn had her Preschool Nativity she was a Sheep, I kind of expected her to get upset & ask for me but i didnt think it would happen as soon as i walked in to the hall, her bottom lip started going & the next thing she is crying her eyes out asking for me. I then had the embarrassment of sitting with Emilyn & Hugo in the nativity. I should of waved at all the cameras being pointed at me. I can see years to come people asking who that crazy looking lady sitting in the corner is?
after the performance Emilyn was very happy about being in her Nativity & we all praised her, she was perfect in our eyes.

Hugo is also playing Baby Jesus in our Church Nativity. *My claim to fame of course...
At our last Rehearsal he wasn't too happy being handed to Mary though. my Mummies Boy. What can i say?
The real Nativity will be on Christmas Eve, I have everything crossed that he will be well behaved; even if he has to have his bottle in one hand & a biscuit in the other.

Since I have been on Holiday & stopped working Emilyn's Behaviour has been amazing, going back to my Blog Post "A working stay at home mum" I am loving & making the most of being at home with them & giving them full time attention.

we are all on the Christmas Countdown down.

Emilyn trying on her new fur coat

Our gingerbread Angels & teddy bears
Hugo wearing his "I LOVE Santa" Romper 



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