Eye Opening....

Hugo is 11 months old now... ELEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!... where has that time gone?
He is now an active baby Crawling & pulling himself up to stand using the side of the sofa & he learnt how to get up the stairs & has even tried whilst wearing his Boots & bar.
Talipes in my eyes has never held him back as such.
He gets himself stuck A LOT whilst wearing his BnB in-between chairs & he even got himself stuck trying to get into the shower...

As you will know if you've been following Hugo's story i have taken ages to get my head around him having Talipes & having to wear his boots & bar till he is 5 years old.
I have been extremely up & down with my feelings & i have never hidden it. i feel its important to share to show other mums & dads its ok to be scared... the future is so uncertain but i know now i will cope.

Yesterday we organised a Talipes meet up & i met some wonderful inspirational mothers & fathers,
as again you may be aware that i started a Talipes support page for Mums & Dads & i had always felt good about starting it as i know it helps mums & mums to be to help cope i suppose with the fact that their tiny newborn will be plaster casted within a few days/weeks & then have this metal contraption on their tiny baby's feet for 23 hours a day for 12 or so weeks...

I met a 6 week old with bilateral Talipes he was in the casting stage, it was quite overwhelming to see, i thought i was still quite raw about Hugo having Talipes but to cuddle another baby with casts on was just beautiful. I suddenly really missed Hugo like this & made me realise how big my baby was.
The mum said how thankful she was to find our Talipes group as she would of felt quite lost, & she personally thanked me for that. Heart touching knowing i really am helping other mums.

I have really accepted that Hugo has Talipes now him getting the new Mitchell Boots literally changed our life. He no longer escapes them, he no longer gets horrendous blisters & doesn't tantrum when its time to get BnB on. the Boots & Bar them-self are a fraction of the weight of the old Marcells, This obviously helps my back when i'm having to carry him.

I am just totally happy now & the Talipes are apart of my boy.

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