Festive Clothes My Top Jumpers

I have always loved Big Jumpers But this year Big Christmas Jumpers seem to be everywhere!
& prices to suit Everyone from Primark doing jumpers from £10-£12 to Topshop & FCUK going from £50-£100+

Here are a few of my Favourites (In no order) I wish i could get my hands on them all!

NEW LOOK Just £19.99

Harrods Darling ... £240

Boohoo.com £15

Marks&Spencers £35
Boohoo.com £15
Harvey Nichols £195

Badger Jumper Dorothy Perkins £20

Topshop £46
ASOS £32

SOUTH £25 *all sold out & i desperately want :(

Then lets show the Christmas Jumpers I Have....

French Connection Sequin Reindeer Jumper £60

FCUK close up of Reindeer 

Primark £12

Primark £12
Keep your eyes peeled for my Baby & Toddler Festive Clothes Blog



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