Our New Years Eve Day Consisted of...

Building the Chicken House *See previous Post;
Family lunch on the sofa;
An Extreme Walk on Cissbury Ring in Sussex... Rain,wind, cold, hail, mud, & we laughed the whole time it was fabulous & a tradition of mine to go on crazy cold windy walk on NYE...
We put our Bugaboo Cameleon snow wheels on too to make our bug even more 4x4 like. Hugo stayed dry of course all snug in his Bug.
Emilyn wore her snowsuit & Hunters & also stayed pretty dry. The rest of us got quite wet even wearing what we thought was 'water proof coats'
But it was great fun & Emilyn coped amazingly even when we both almost got blown away she was giggling.
We are now back home snuggles on the Sofa watching Arthur Christmas with Hot chocolate & marshmallows YUM!
This evening will be a lovely chilled evening with my Family a take away & a film I will probably we fast asleep when the clock strikes 12 though.
Phone on silent too!

Resolutions this year - none. I never keep to them & I have nothing to change. Life is pretty perfect!!

Happy New Year to you all!

Walking on Cissbury Ring 

Daddy pushing Hugo in the Bugaboo Bas Kosters with our new 4X4 Snow Wheels!

Beth our Leonburger X German Shepard 

Pose! Cold, Wet, Windy, Daddy with the Bas kosters Bugaboo 

Molly my Lhasa Apso Pup

Emilyn running down the hill

Emilyn walking Molly. Daddy Pushing Hugo 


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