A Day in the life with a Talipes Baby

Its a Special Day today... A BIRTHDAY not my blog Birthday not yet anyway; that will be in March! Today my Happy Feet Talipes Support Group is a whole 1 year old! how did that happen? I thought to Celebrate i would do a 'Day in the life of a Talipes Baby'
Let me just sing a quick song...
'Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Happy Feet,
Happy Birthday to you'
I know i may go on to sound like i'm blowing my own trumpet BUT i actually don't know how i would of coped this past year without the support. the ladies i have met, the stories i have heard & read, the babies who have inspired me oh gosh i'm starting to well up !!... *wipes tear from my eyes * Sob Sob. The obstacles that have been thrown at these parents & the way they have dealt with them the strength they have shown is just ...words can't describe how proud i am to be apart of this.
I oddly am now going to say I really have my son to thank although somehow in our genetics My Husband & I made Hugo who yes was born with Bilateral Talipes, I honestly wouldn't be the Mummy i am today.
I feel very Humbled & privileged to know the ladies i now know. I feel pretty damn Lucky to have my life & wow i certainly wouldn't of said that a year ago. a heck of a lot has happened this year & i am so much stronger than i was, I just know this time next year when i'm blogging about Happy feets 2nd birthday i will be echoing back on this Post & say how much Happier & stronger i will be!
My Boy is happy & healthy & had adapted so well i can't even say how well with his boots. Yes we are going through other issues with his hips & Over Correcting... take a look here If you need to catch up.
I know us Talipes Mums say "our babies know no difference" but they do... Hugo has his feet free all day & naps without his boots on (although some babies do have their bnb on for naps ... we have had to shorten the length of BnB time due to his over correcting) So when Hugo gets his boots on in the evening & goes straight to sleep it must be bizarre.

Heres Our Talipes Baby day :

5:30am- Its Morning well it is for Emilyn & I I kick my legs around to wake Emilyn up they make a great bashing sound against the cot. Mummy tries to get me out the cot quickly so i don't wake Emilyn, I then get my breakfast & milk Mummy has taken away my bottles, I am now a big boy & get milk from a sippy Cup just like my big sister. I love weetabix or porridge YUM!

6am- IF a big IF Emilyn has managed to sleep through my chaos she normally wakes up about now & trundles down the stairs, They get breakfast, Mummy gets her coffee.
At around 6am The day starts to get exciting time for my Boots to come off!! Feet free time this now lasts ALL DAY!!!

7am- I do lots of crawling, i can now get on to the sofa & off so i continuously do this for as long as Mummy lets me... normally she gets annoyed after i've done it 3 or 5 times.

7:30-ISH... SHOWER TIME I LOVE SHOWERS ! I get to share with Emilyn, But i dislike getting out of the water & getting cold. Mummy does manage to dry & get me dressed super quickly. I also dislike getting dressed. Mummy seems to like dressing me up like a girly boy... BOW TIES really mum?

8:30- It takes A LONG TIME to shower & get Emilyn & I dressed, Mummy calls us little monkeys! Mummy is rushing round trying to get us ready & herself ready... Emilyn likes tantrums ? Mum calls them tantrums i don't know what that means though. Emilyn throws herself on to the floor screaming ! its quite funny i like to climb over her whilst she is doing it!

9am- is it NAP TIME yet? apparently not... Mummy tells me not to wake up so early? I have no idea what she means.... & puts me in the car. I hope we aren't going to the doctors or the hospital. they like to pull my legs around & take toys off me they tried to MAKE ME WALK last time.

9:30- Threw we were just taking Emilyn to school... oh yay Mummy & Hugo time! VERY exciting...

10am- Naptime dream world.

10:30am- oh the car has stopped oh no tell me i'm not going to see that lady that pulls at my legs. Mummy is getting my Pushchair out UhOh.. Yes i think we are at the hospital, I can smell it & mummy looks worried.!

10:45am- we are waiting. yes waiting in the waiting room on the Children's wing outside the Physio's room... don't let them hurt me mummy. Oh Goody they are ready for us now. I hope we are quick maybe Mummy will give me some white chocolate after.
The adults are talking...sounds like gibberish to me... all this gobble de gook.
OOOOOO my legs are NOT supposed to be pulled that way...or that way! more adult gibberish talking. Mummys looking sad. the sad face i make when mummy leaves the room to change my nappy.
Oh she is smiling at me, be strong mummy, i'm ok they will fix me.

11:30am- Can i have lunch now? walking back to the car, I am so glad i only get to see the Physio every 3 months. It feels like forever!

12pm- yay time to collect Emilyn now

12:30pm- Lunch time back at home with my Big sister, Emilyn is jealous i got new Boots! she's asking Mummy for new shoes too.


3pm- Snack time Banana & Grapes.

5pm- Mummy starts Dinner tonight she said we are having pasta, I Love Dinner & i end up eating Emlyn's too!

5:30pm- Dinner Yummy!

6pm- Quick Bath I get very Messy whilst Eating. Its then Boots & bar time... ( BnB ) I used to HATE this time of day I would wiggle & scream & cry & sometimes i would make mummy cry but with my new Boots i don't mind it so much. Mummy says i have Special feet & i wear my boots to stop the Fairies taking me as they like Little boys... Emilyn likes that story too. Mummy sometimes puts me back in my highchair when i'm wriggling too much, It's much easier that way. She also give me the bar to hold. though i have started eating the rubber bumper... it doesn't taste so great & mummy tells me off.!

6:30pm- I can be quite vicious with my boots its not intentional though. I don't realise my own strength sometimes. I'm now all wrapped up in bed, Mummy has cleaned my teeth read me a story & put my sleeping bag on to prevent any more damage to my cot. Good Night

10pm- I heard Daddy come home so i need to see him for a cuddle.

2am- Mummy my gums hurt, whats happening? Ouchhh can i have some of that yummy pink stuff? Calpol You call it? Oh & a cuddle would be lovely.

4am- is it morning yet? the look on your face tells me it isn't... i'll go back to sleep shall i?

5:30am- ITS MORING & my day starts over again.

This Evening whilst Putting Hugo's boots on I gave him his bar like usual but this time instead of trying to eat it. To my astonishment he tried to attach it to his boots! A-mazing!
My little Soldier A day in his life...
Hugo rolling around on my bed in his Boots&Bar BnB Talipes

Bedtime playtime with Emilyn BnB Talipes

Climbing over Emilyn, BnB 
I can stand very well with my boots on. 

Good Night.

Footless Romper's from Pips Garden & NEXT

10 Things you can't do once you have Children...

I am just a breeze of fresh air today!... I sure am I tell you...
This is obviously just going to be a short list because c'mon i cant be missing out on too much can i?

1) All i want to do is have a pee on my own, is this THAT MUCH to ask? or a nice relaxing shower? I would say bath but do i Heck have time for that no way...
so the normal 'darling i am just nipping to the toilet, i wont be long' scenario goes a little like this. 'Oh wait mummy i want to come to...' she will then walk as slowly as she can. lets bare in mind as a mother i have waited all morning holding in this pee because i have been entertaining the little people.
'C'mon hurry up Emilyn, i really might wet myself' I'm struggling to hold on to Hugo whilst this is going on.
We have to go upstairs to use the main bathroom mainly because although its chaos still Hugo ends up eating dog food or splashing in the water bowl in the downstairs toilet. So you would think it would be better?
Lets try to think just how exciting a bathroom would be to a 12 month old....
The first thing he normally does is attack the bath ... what Dummy would have the taps put so a toddler can turn them on? Oh yeah that would be me!
The Proudness on his face is brilliant EVERY TIME he does it I'm sure he thinks he's Super baby or something?....

Then we have the shower... this one i have now got down to a T... the door needs to be shut or the likelihood is Hugo will be in there like a shot!....

Thank goodness for a soft close toilet seat... this little guy never seems to want to give up. He tries to get his whole head down the toilet????

Then there is the usual taking all hair stuff & bubble bath bottles off the shelf throwing them around like its some kind of sick game that Mummy has to tidy up ... well because i must have so much time on my hands?!?!? 
The toilet brush looks like A LOT of fun thinks Hugo he is ALWAYS trying to grab it.... he has so far been stopped but i know he is plotting a plan for the germ infested brush.

 I couldn't get a photo of me on the toilet .... i think there is laws against that kind of thing but Hugo LOVES to climb up my legs so i get to have a pee whilst holding him?
The BEST was when he had woken up grumpy from his nap I sat him up in the bathroom i was only having a quick pee & for some reason he was very top heavy head fell straight to the floor? Oh my gosh i had to stop mid Peeing to pick him up?! Crying for England & a very red head poor thing... I should of left him in bed crying....

2) Popping! You can NEVER EVER AGAIN just Pop to the shops, pop to the coffee house, pop to see a friend, pop on a mini adventure... without factoring the Changing bag, nappies, snacks, where baby can nap, bottles, the list i could say is endless... will we ever be able to POP again?
Especially with two in tow... the Chaos of having one baby screaming & the toddler running riot around Selfridges hiding behind mannequins & knocking clothes on the floor. do we fear our independence is dwindling away? I feel I will never be able to just jump in the car & just take a small purse with me again! By the time I can I'll be too old to be able to just POP.... Going out has turned in to a military operation.


This was a weeks holiday to spain definitely no popping on to a plane & off we go when toddlers are on tow...


3) HOT drinks... I am NOT MOANING i am airing my feelings & i am pretty sure most other Mummies are echoing these... *i hope so...
I love a Hot coffee or a Hot tea. its not that much to ask? Well tell my baby this news. He has about 2 naps a day Yes i may start moaning now. he naps for a maximum of 20-30 minutes.. after i have done my wifely duties & boil the kettle i put money on the fact my darling son hears the kettle boil & then... movement on my AngelCare monitor - He's awake & I've only just managed to put the boiling water in my mug. Brilliant. off i go to get him then he wants food, water, playtime, nappy change, a toy that needs putting together, more food. by the time i can sit & relax my coffee is stone cold. I used to use the microwave a lot but it just doesn't taste the same i know sometimes drink it cold. YUCK! I'm sure we are all in the same boat with this?

4) Beautifully Painted nails ...is none existant. IF i get the chance to get them painted they will be chipped within hours... & then they will stay beautifully chipped for weeks. until I gear myself up for getting them painted again. So this gets done once in a blue moon. Normally when the children are in bed for the night & i get some me time? This will be good for number 5

5) ME TIME? well you can forget about that. I shower with my children or they watch me then i shower them. I pee with my children. I spend all day with my children. i go shopping with my children. I drink coffee with my children. I have Coffee mornings with my Mummy Friends (Their Children are at a school age) But my children are always there..we know need to be careful of what we say as Emilyn is such a parrot now.
So when do i get a chance to have some ME time? In the evening once the Children are asleep all i want to do is sleep too.
I even take my children to the Dentist with me.... Dedication.

 6) SLEEP. So you've had your first child & realised that the lacking of sleep is actually much more severe than you ever thought. that whilst you were indeed uncomfortable sleeping whilst pregnant it was in-fact better. You don't have the screaming of a baby in your ear. Or the waking up with your Boob out because you've fallen asleep whilst feeding this monster baby who wants feeding every 40 minutes even if he isn't hungry! But we do it & we do it because we want to be the best possible mother we can. even if the baby never remembers, you do.
When was the last time you had a full nights sleep? CAN YOU REMEMBER? Even when i had a night away in a hotel when Emilyn was around a 16 months old i still found myself having a very unsettled night & was wide awake before 6am waiting to get back home to see her.
EVEN when both children sleep through the night I am Awake lying there wondering why the baby hasn't woken up!? I must be mad.

7) A HANGOVER... Its just not worth it simple as that. a good night out is not worth feeling as shitty as you do with a hangover. Two children screaming, throwing toys, climbing over you whilst your trying to mong out on the sofa watching crappy daytime tele... well i know i couldn't handle Peppa bloody Pig with a hangover add the children to the equation life would be hell.
So it just makes more sense to not even bother with drink. & Trust me i have been VERY hungover whilst Emilyn was very little & it was hell... The worst was getting very Drunk the night before a 4 year olds bouncy castle birthday party? WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?

8) You can say goodbye to the Lay-in... I hear my Childless friends saying "oh i'm exhausted i didn't go to bed till 3 & i had to get up at 11" My pretend sympathetic voice clicks on... 'oh you poor thing life is really shit for you isn't it? I'm feeling pretty tired too' 'Oh why's that' says my friend. 'Good old teething Hugo wouldn't settle till 1 then Emilyn had me up at 6' I still get on with my day without moaning... My Children are not Lazy children in ANY WAY up at 5:30-6 everyday i need to try to be asleep by 10 at the latest if i want to feel a little bit decent the following day. YAWN !

9) Make a phone call in peace. Forget it seriously I can't even call the doctors without Emilyn wanting to say hello to the receptionist. If i want a serious catch up with someone I am constantly saying 'hang on wait a minute' 'no Emilyn don't bite Hugo' having a screaming child in the background or two children climbing up your legs!!... why did i bother answering the phone? the children seem to want to fight for my attention even more...

10) Say good bye to ALL Grown Up programmes... I have a SKY+ box so even if I get to sleep early I can still catch up with my programmes...ha or not! swearing/ sexual scenes / violence you name it I barely watch any soaps now i just don't have the time. Our day is usually spent in the conservatory/play room where Hugo can't sofa climb or attack the magazine pile.
So no Tele at all in this room. My guilty pleasure is adult time 3 mornings a week for half an hour i can just about squeeze in pram face whilst Emilyn is at preschool.

This is just my own personal experiences with my own children I am 100% sure that the baby in your tummy whilst you where blissfully unaware of your life taking a 360 turn into the spiralling pitfall of motherhood. Your life will be no where like mine. I have my fingers crossed for you. Now wipe that scared look off your face. What would you prefer me to do tell you porkies? I wouldn't dream of it.

With a special thanks to @Becca_Ward90 over at mummybex.blogspot.co.uk  & @thechaosqueenuk over at thechaosqueen.wordpress.com & @messymum75 for helping with this blog post
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Snow & immunisations lots of beautiful Pictures

As you are probably more than aware last week in the UK came to a standstill with the amount of snow  we had... it just so happened that i had booked in Emilyn & Hugo to have their immunisations Hugo's 12 month jabs & Emilyn's 3 year 4 month jabs. we woke up to NO SNOW none what so ever. By 9am it was coming down thick & fast I had built up the anticipation for them both to have their immunisations today & we had no plans over the weekend so if they reacted badly we could still relax at home. 
This was taken by my dear friend first pic at 8am second at lunch time ... the same day SNOW! 

We also needed milk (not the panic buying for milk we had actually run out) I left for the doctors early in thinking we may get soon quicker then get home sooner before the road became an ice rink...
trying to park caused issues the doctors road is on a hill the road itself looked horrendous even walking down it was a struggle. so i parked on another road & walked to get milk & Emilyn chose some sweets that she could have after her jabs.
she chose winegums ... she has never had winegums so i had to sneakily buy some spare ones just in case.
I've been terrified about their immunisations more so for Emilyn than Hugo as she now understands more. I used to be awful whilst she had them done & for her 12 month one i think i just sent Mic with her I really couldn't handle it. but now i i feel like i'm a pro with things like this. i suppose its the bonus of Hugo having all his problems its made me 'man up' & as a mum you have to cope don't you?
specially now i have to do these things on my own.
Emilyn Loves the snow & Hugo didn't seem to understand it too much this is the second time he's seen it... last time was end of January or beginning of February last year i think, Hugo was only  a few weeks old... here's some of last years snow pictures.

Emilyn Kisses Hugo 

Snow Mummy Emilyn & Hugo

Snow Mummy & Hugo

What a difference a year makes... 

We had just parked up & got our Bugaboo Missoni all black addition out the car & put Hugo in all snuggled up Emilyn had her Snowsuit & wellies on & we were all set to walk down to the Doctors.
It was snowing A LOT & the roads were looking quite bad I just hoped we were seen quickly & we could then get home quickly. 
waiting waiting waiting Emilyn asking lots of questions about what will happen I tried to explain she will get a fluffy tickle in each arm, I didn't want to tell her it would hurt she seemed to like the idea that Hugo would be getting his jabs done the same time & it comforted her that she was a 'big girl' for having hers first.
The nurse was fabulous & got one of the Doctors in to help me hold her still.I think she was a little shocked by the first injection but we got the second done quickly & then the tears came & she was saying "oh that hurt you hurt my arm..." but within Minutes she was running to get Hugo to tell him "you'll be ok baby Hugo it wont hurt" bless her & poor Hugo needed 3 injections. He was great too he did cry but he was unfortunately crying even before the injections due to me (horrible mummy) not letting him down to crawl all over the floor. tut tut .
He winged a little after the jabs but he quickly cheered up with his Milky bar.
Then we walked back up the hill. 

walking back to the car
Emilyn walking in the snow
We then spent the weekend drinking Hot chocolates & playing in the snow.
Neither Children particularly reacted badly to the injections perhaps Hugo was slightly grumpier than normal but he looks pretty Happy here...

Snow time in the garden...

Slugs & Snails BOYS TIGHTS

Slugs & Snails 
& Puppy dog tails ... 
Boys Tights!!
There seems to be a lot of mixed views about Boys in tights. I can kind of understand it but c'mon we are in the year 2013.
They look amazing & so comfy.
I just had to get Hugo a pair.

Why Boys Tights?

In the words of Slugs & Snails...

"Why our tights are perfect for your little man …

Boys, by nature, are busy, bold and robust and that’s just how we want them to stay.
 Unlike jeans and trousers our tights allow your child the freedom to bend and
 move freely and in a way that conventional leg wear just doesn’t allow.
 They feel good too, which means that your little boy can enjoy all the
 thrills of being a kid unrestricted – isn’t that the best way?
Being the proud owners of a little boy we remember (not too fondly)
how many times we searched for that lost sock which vanished
half way around the supermarket, or how as we managed to
put one sock on the other was in the process of being pulled off.
What about the cold legs? When you carry a little person their
trousers end up somewhere behind their knee making for
very cold little legs. Slugs & Snails tights eliminate all these
 problems which make warm, happy people.
Slugs & Snails tights are more than just tights.
 Our designs (unlike girl’s tights) don’t stop
 at the knee, which means that they
can be worn with or without trousers.
 Each pair comes with our unique Slugs & Snails©
leaf logo and anti-slip soles to give grip to busy little feet.

  • No more lost or odd socks.
  • Warm legs and snugly toes.
  • Soft breathable combed cotton.
  • Flexible yarn allowing room for nappies 
    and chubby legs
  • Soft non-slip text on the soles, ideal for 
    wooden or ceramic floors. (Now PVC free!)
  • Funky designs loved by little ones.
  • The perfect potty training emergency outfit,
     just pop a pair in your bag and you have
     trousers and socks ready to wear with minimal fuss.
  • Beautiful packaging ideal for gifts and baby showers.
  • Make baby wearing even more cosy by protecting
     those little exposed legs.
All our tights are 80% Cotton (17% Polyamide, 3% Elastane – the stretchy thingies)
 and made by our lovely manufacturers in Turkey and Europe. No Slugs or Snails 
are harmed in the making of our products."

It definitely won me over! i ordered the 'spooked' pair with little 'Packman type things on' 
I totally need to buy more, Hugo LOVES them too.
RRP- From €12.99
click Here  to buy some

*Disclaimer I myself bought the tights this is not a review 

Toddler Talk Emilyn style

Emilyn is my eldest child she is 3years & 4 months old. Now i understand most things she says for two main reasons 1: She is my only 'talking' child & 2 : because as a parent you get used to the way your child talks.
So when she had her 2 year check up at 3 years old & they put her talking down as a 16 month old i was surprised- i had no idea what a normal 3 year old should talk like.
we got refereed to see a Speech therapist & today was the day.
It didn't go very well, she isn't talking well & we need to go to get her hearing checked.
It actually shocked me at just how bad her speech is, Bad mummy i know but if i wasn't her mummy i honestly wouldn't have a diddly squat clue what she was talking about 99% of her time.

We have got to go back to have group speech sessions & private one on one sessions.
The thing is she can easily say a,b,c,d,e,f,g ect ect ...
it when you put the letters all together she loses the sounds of them for example she can say - Mon & Key but with you putting the words together for Monkey she then says 'Kunkey'
Atleast it has been picked up on & now we can work together to get it sorted out.

The difference between boys & girls...

I am finding the biggest difference between boys & girls is... All Hugo wants to do is climb he's mastered the sofa. Stairs when I say stairs he can also climb them in his BnB & in his sleeping bag. My bed. The foot stall. My shoe box... & he's just 12 months who still can't walk. Emilyn is a typical girl she is happy to just sit & draw or sit & read a book. Ok she does the whole sofa jumping (big eye roll) drives me crazy. But she wasn't able to get on to my bed till almost 2years old
I know they say boys are all about climbing. I am just so taken back to how non stop it is. He is up the sofa down the sofa up the sofa down... I know he will master my chaise next. Nowhere is safe!!!

We are gonna build a house...

Gonna build a house
With a Chimney tall
With a Chimney tall
Gonna build a roof
Gonna build a roof
And a garden wall
And a garden wall
A big front door you can open wide
Two small windows you can look inside
I'm gonna build a house
Gonna build a house
Gonna build a hou---se 

I think thats the song?... 

Not caught up with my blog for a while...read - New Year... New House!
We had our Site manager, Grounds man & Site Man over this morning. 
Talking Kitchens, Bathrooms, bedrooms, interior & exterior Decking, flooring inside you name it.

Its starting to feel real that we are building a house. & i am designing it! How crazy! 

We chose almost everything that we needed to except the Kitchen we provisionally chose one but we need to view them & either keep to our decision & order it or change our minds completely!
The majority of flooring will be classic Wood, the children's room will be carpet & the bathroom a squidgy Lino. 
It will all be on one floor - a bungalow, perfect for our family as Hugo & stairs with his Boots & bar is a no go ( although he has learnt to climb the stairs with them on ) probably more dangerous now though. 

The walls we are going White White White we will have amazing tall ceilings - let me try & find a picture so you know what i am talking about. I know people find white quite clinical & say go with a warm magnolia with the bright white ceilings but this is what we want i love it. 

How gorgeous is this kitchen? Our ceilings will be VERY similar to this.
I think - just 'think' we will go with a kitchen a little like this - 


I spotted a Alphabet wall on a Blog * i think it was on a blog? may of been Instagram - Yes i am addicted - my camera is broken ... After the coffee swimming incident so i feel a bit lost without photo's this is another reason why i can't take a photo of our land *where we will be building.. i shall call it our building plot? 

I will though & it will be put on our House build update so you can follow us on our journey!
Oh dear i am going off subject - the Alphabet wall this is what i am starting to collect already for the Children's room... 


Absolutely Adorable

Bathroom will be lovely White & clean looking similar to this - 
This will be similar to our bath, We love the curve to separate the bath to a shower.

I'll End this post by saying Grounds work will be starting February 25th 2013!!!! NEXT MONTH! EEeeeeeeekk!


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