A Day in the life with a Talipes Baby

Its a Special Day today... A BIRTHDAY not my blog Birthday not yet anyway; that will be in March! Today my Happy Feet Talipes Support Group is a whole 1 year old! how did that happen? I thought to Celebrate i would do a 'Day in the life of a Talipes Baby'
Let me just sing a quick song...
'Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Happy Feet,
Happy Birthday to you'
I know i may go on to sound like i'm blowing my own trumpet BUT i actually don't know how i would of coped this past year without the support. the ladies i have met, the stories i have heard & read, the babies who have inspired me oh gosh i'm starting to well up !!... *wipes tear from my eyes * Sob Sob. The obstacles that have been thrown at these parents & the way they have dealt with them the strength they have shown is just ...words can't describe how proud i am to be apart of this.
I oddly am now going to say I really have my son to thank although somehow in our genetics My Husband & I made Hugo who yes was born with Bilateral Talipes, I honestly wouldn't be the Mummy i am today.
I feel very Humbled & privileged to know the ladies i now know. I feel pretty damn Lucky to have my life & wow i certainly wouldn't of said that a year ago. a heck of a lot has happened this year & i am so much stronger than i was, I just know this time next year when i'm blogging about Happy feets 2nd birthday i will be echoing back on this Post & say how much Happier & stronger i will be!
My Boy is happy & healthy & had adapted so well i can't even say how well with his boots. Yes we are going through other issues with his hips & Over Correcting... take a look here If you need to catch up.
I know us Talipes Mums say "our babies know no difference" but they do... Hugo has his feet free all day & naps without his boots on (although some babies do have their bnb on for naps ... we have had to shorten the length of BnB time due to his over correcting) So when Hugo gets his boots on in the evening & goes straight to sleep it must be bizarre.

Heres Our Talipes Baby day :

5:30am- Its Morning well it is for Emilyn & I I kick my legs around to wake Emilyn up they make a great bashing sound against the cot. Mummy tries to get me out the cot quickly so i don't wake Emilyn, I then get my breakfast & milk Mummy has taken away my bottles, I am now a big boy & get milk from a sippy Cup just like my big sister. I love weetabix or porridge YUM!

6am- IF a big IF Emilyn has managed to sleep through my chaos she normally wakes up about now & trundles down the stairs, They get breakfast, Mummy gets her coffee.
At around 6am The day starts to get exciting time for my Boots to come off!! Feet free time this now lasts ALL DAY!!!

7am- I do lots of crawling, i can now get on to the sofa & off so i continuously do this for as long as Mummy lets me... normally she gets annoyed after i've done it 3 or 5 times.

7:30-ISH... SHOWER TIME I LOVE SHOWERS ! I get to share with Emilyn, But i dislike getting out of the water & getting cold. Mummy does manage to dry & get me dressed super quickly. I also dislike getting dressed. Mummy seems to like dressing me up like a girly boy... BOW TIES really mum?

8:30- It takes A LONG TIME to shower & get Emilyn & I dressed, Mummy calls us little monkeys! Mummy is rushing round trying to get us ready & herself ready... Emilyn likes tantrums ? Mum calls them tantrums i don't know what that means though. Emilyn throws herself on to the floor screaming ! its quite funny i like to climb over her whilst she is doing it!

9am- is it NAP TIME yet? apparently not... Mummy tells me not to wake up so early? I have no idea what she means.... & puts me in the car. I hope we aren't going to the doctors or the hospital. they like to pull my legs around & take toys off me they tried to MAKE ME WALK last time.

9:30- Threw we were just taking Emilyn to school... oh yay Mummy & Hugo time! VERY exciting...

10am- Naptime dream world.

10:30am- oh the car has stopped oh no tell me i'm not going to see that lady that pulls at my legs. Mummy is getting my Pushchair out UhOh.. Yes i think we are at the hospital, I can smell it & mummy looks worried.!

10:45am- we are waiting. yes waiting in the waiting room on the Children's wing outside the Physio's room... don't let them hurt me mummy. Oh Goody they are ready for us now. I hope we are quick maybe Mummy will give me some white chocolate after.
The adults are talking...sounds like gibberish to me... all this gobble de gook.
OOOOOO my legs are NOT supposed to be pulled that way...or that way! more adult gibberish talking. Mummys looking sad. the sad face i make when mummy leaves the room to change my nappy.
Oh she is smiling at me, be strong mummy, i'm ok they will fix me.

11:30am- Can i have lunch now? walking back to the car, I am so glad i only get to see the Physio every 3 months. It feels like forever!

12pm- yay time to collect Emilyn now

12:30pm- Lunch time back at home with my Big sister, Emilyn is jealous i got new Boots! she's asking Mummy for new shoes too.


3pm- Snack time Banana & Grapes.

5pm- Mummy starts Dinner tonight she said we are having pasta, I Love Dinner & i end up eating Emlyn's too!

5:30pm- Dinner Yummy!

6pm- Quick Bath I get very Messy whilst Eating. Its then Boots & bar time... ( BnB ) I used to HATE this time of day I would wiggle & scream & cry & sometimes i would make mummy cry but with my new Boots i don't mind it so much. Mummy says i have Special feet & i wear my boots to stop the Fairies taking me as they like Little boys... Emilyn likes that story too. Mummy sometimes puts me back in my highchair when i'm wriggling too much, It's much easier that way. She also give me the bar to hold. though i have started eating the rubber bumper... it doesn't taste so great & mummy tells me off.!

6:30pm- I can be quite vicious with my boots its not intentional though. I don't realise my own strength sometimes. I'm now all wrapped up in bed, Mummy has cleaned my teeth read me a story & put my sleeping bag on to prevent any more damage to my cot. Good Night

10pm- I heard Daddy come home so i need to see him for a cuddle.

2am- Mummy my gums hurt, whats happening? Ouchhh can i have some of that yummy pink stuff? Calpol You call it? Oh & a cuddle would be lovely.

4am- is it morning yet? the look on your face tells me it isn't... i'll go back to sleep shall i?

5:30am- ITS MORING & my day starts over again.

This Evening whilst Putting Hugo's boots on I gave him his bar like usual but this time instead of trying to eat it. To my astonishment he tried to attach it to his boots! A-mazing!
My little Soldier A day in his life...
Hugo rolling around on my bed in his Boots&Bar BnB Talipes

Bedtime playtime with Emilyn BnB Talipes

Climbing over Emilyn, BnB 
I can stand very well with my boots on. 

Good Night.

Footless Romper's from Pips Garden & NEXT

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