Baby Feet a year on...Bilateral Talipes Progress

I would say some would take baby Feet for granted. The perfectly formed foot.
the cute squishy soft skin.
The feet you love to touch, love to kiss, just hold, to watch their toes curl when you tickle them.
A Babies foot.

What if you knew at your 20 week scan that your baby wouldn't have ATypical 'Perfect' baby foot/feet?

Would you be scared? Would you worry? I did. A lot. The worst mistake i done was to google.... as i found images like ...
This. Untreated case of Bilateral Talipes...

this for me is quite disturbing. In the nicest possible way. To think my baby who is growing inside me would have feet like this.

 I did however struggle to get my head around the fact that my tiny 5 day old baby was getting heavy casts on both feet/legs right up to his hips!
I got into the lift as we left the hospital & burst in to Tears.
I found the weekly cast changes hard, & we would then struggle that night to settle him. They always told me he shouldn't be in any pain. He was just 5 days old & his sleep changed & became much grumpier. I blamed the casts. what more was i meant to do.?
I would of Loved a support group to talk to ask if how i was feeling was normal or not... So i created one. Just a facebook group Its called Happy Feet Talipes (If you wanted to join & talk confidentially about your child with Talipes)

So ok you get through the casting stage & you get told your beautiful baby then has to wear big bulky boots & a heavy metal bar. I mean i knew this stage was coming but i hadn't seen any photos & had no idea what to expect.

Hugo in his BnB boots & bar for the first week. 5 weeks 5 days old.

Ok so this doesn't look too bad? but remember Hugo was just over 5 weeks old he was around 9lbs & my squishy new born! my squishy new born i wasnt allowed to cuddle tight unless it was his hour out the BnB & then he cried if i touched his sensitive feet.
How has a year almost past? this seems like yesterday!
Oh & dont get me started on the settling in progress ... 5 days of no sleep & non stop crying... my idea of hell. BUT mummies stick in there it gets better! i promise. 
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I can't believe we are almost a full year into treatment Hugo will be 1 year old on Monday 7th January!
So I am having a 'oh my goodness my baby is growing up' moment.
Hugo has learnt to Cruise the furniture & walk with his V-Tech walker. its amazing to watch & Amazing that he can walk in his Boots & Bar!!
But i noticed how "Outwards" his feet are now. complete opposite to being inwards they now seem to be 90 degree outwards.
we have our next 3 monthly Physio appointment next week. so i will discuss my worries with them.

Hugo's Talipes has definitely not held him back in any way. He is a typical boy & always climbing & crawling up anything he can get close to. a mischievous little man. 
how does this look comfy? boots & bar BnB Bilateral Talipes

He got stuck trying to get in to the shower

He even tries to climb the stairs! 

I can honestly say I don't take Feet for granted.  Hugo wouldn't be able to walk without having 4-8+ weeks of Casts & 5 years of Boots & Bars.

01/01/13 The day Hugo got his new car seat.

So Tomorrow my little Guy is 1! I'm obviously going to shed a tear more than once & reminisce  just how far he has come in a short amount of time. he amazes me so much & has taught me a lot in the past year.
Heres to Hugo.
Happy Birthday little Dude.


  1. What an amazing little man :) Hope you have had a wonderful birthday today xxx

    1. thank you! He sure had a brilliant Birthday :) xxx



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