The difference between boys & girls...

I am finding the biggest difference between boys & girls is... All Hugo wants to do is climb he's mastered the sofa. Stairs when I say stairs he can also climb them in his BnB & in his sleeping bag. My bed. The foot stall. My shoe box... & he's just 12 months who still can't walk. Emilyn is a typical girl she is happy to just sit & draw or sit & read a book. Ok she does the whole sofa jumping (big eye roll) drives me crazy. But she wasn't able to get on to my bed till almost 2years old
I know they say boys are all about climbing. I am just so taken back to how non stop it is. He is up the sofa down the sofa up the sofa down... I know he will master my chaise next. Nowhere is safe!!!


  1. Haha! Yep boys are all about climbing!
    Benny can't climb yet but I know it won't be long until he's following his older brother and using my sofas as a launch pad as they pretend to be rockets!

    1. Its crazy! i need to get used to it i suppose. :)
      I think Hugo is so good at climbing because he uses his hyper mobile hip to get himself up :o xx



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